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Head of Data Science

Full Time, Permanent

Role:  Lead Data Scientist / Head of Data Science

Location:  Sheffield – once/week

Salary:  Up to £80k

You’ve heard it a zillion times.  Data is the new oil!  Data is king!  AI and Machine Learning is going to revolutionise our industry!

The thing is, so many companies are jumping on the bandwagon because they fear being left behind – not because they’re genuinely excited about taking their business and industry forward.

And because of this, they do data science badly.  Under-resourced teams, a lack of a real data strategy, old, cumbersome technology dragging things down and commercial teams that don’t know or believe in what they’re selling.

Then there’s the other guys/gals.

These are the ones who are building their Data/ML offering from the ground up based on real, tangible outcomes, and a loyal, existing customer base who are eagerly signing up and can’t wait to get going.

This young, but well-established company has a solution that will genuinely revolutionise a global industry and cut emissions in one of the most carbon-intensive sectors out there.

They have a highly skilled existing development team and a small data science squad, but what they’re missing is someone to lead their Data Science function as a senior, strategic and technical leader.

This is why they need you.  You’ll be leading and growing the data science team, working with the senior leaders within the business to define, scope out and develop data science and machine learning systems.

These web applications will be based on predictive models with integrated analytics tools that drive customer decision-making, potentially saving them hundreds of thousands of pounds.

A large part of your role will be related to delivering data science projects, building a high-performing data science function and working with key stakeholders.  However, there *will* be hands-on elements, and it’s vital that you possess credibility as a seasoned senior data scientist as you’ll be the most knowledgeable data scientist in your team.

You’ll have the usual array of data science skills, with extensive SQL and Python experience along with an understanding of a range of Machine Learning models and methods.  You’ll also require expertise in cloud technologies such as Azure Databricks.

You’ll likely either be working as a senior data scientist (with some leadership responsibility) and ready to step up, or you will have previously worked in a similar role.  Either way, you’ll be a likeable, positive team player who would suit working within a fast-moving scale-up culture where collaboration and culture come first.

The role would ideally see you visiting the office in Sheffield (close to the M1) once a week, with a salary in the region of £80k and share options (In the next 12 months they expect to be able to add further benefits such as healthcare, car scheme etc.)

This role is exclusive to Rebel, so please feel free to drop us a line to find out more before applying or click away and apply for a guaranteed personal reply!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

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