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Job category: Data

Account Manager

Role:  Account Manager

Location:  2 days a week in the office in Warwickshire

Salary:  Between £25K-£27K

“Captain’s log. Day 632. Planet Earth. It’s been almost 2 years since the wipeout. This once thriving and colourful planet has now been reduced to nothing but barren land and waste. The consequences of our ignorance. We were warned, if we didn’t make a change, we’d face… drastic repercussions. The land is dry, the Arctic has melted. Livestock is scarce and our crops will not grow. My crew are hungry but resilient. The other people have long lost hope, but still, we continue this search for a way to salvation. I question If we can achieve complete restoration of this planet, but even in fear I must remain strong. Together, we will come back. The future of our Earth depends on it.”

I’m currently working with a large environmental consultancy to find young, talented, and passionate individuals to work alongside them and join their fight towards making companies and businesses more aware of how their actions affect the world, and what to do to be more sustainable. The company is constantly growing, especially within their data department which has spanned from 40 to 90 over the last couple of years. They’ve seen a wealth of success in their projects and it’s all down to one thing; their love and concern for the world around them. They’re looking for Graduates to take up an Account management position that involves:

  • Supporting the delivery of accurate and timely data.
  • Articulating data-driven reports for analysis and decision-making.
  • Advise clients on how to comply with environmental legislation.
  • Giving insight as to how they can mitigate waste, recycle, and handle packaging to make meaningful changes to the environment.
  • Building knowledge of different regulations through research and building relationships with contacts.
  • Articulating complex data back to the customers in a simple format.
  • Manipulating and analysing large sets of data.

Everything about this role is beneficial to both you and the world around you. Remember, not all superheroes wear capes. Climate change is real, and it won’t stop until YOU decide to find ways to stop it. So, if you’re tired of working on theory, and want to get your hands stuck in tackling real-world problems, then keep reading!

Here are some points to determine if you’d be a good fit

  • Great attention to detail, problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel (not essential, but advantageous)
  • Graduate degree with a minimum upper second-class grade, in a study relative to environment/data e.g., Geography, Mathematics, Economics, and sciences.
  • Confident, outgoing, friendly personality who can work with customers and engage in relationship building. If you’ve worked in customer service previously this would be ideal.

The salary for the role is between £25K-£27K. However, there’s plenty of room to grow and expand into either of their 4 pathways: Consultancy, Management, data, and customers. Their office is in Stratford-Upon-Avon, and they need you to be in the office once/twice a week to begin with, once you can work independently, you’ll be allowed a lot more flexibility to work from home more often 😁

Interested?   Give me a call!! ✊

Data Analyst

Role: Data Analyst

Salary: Up to £40k

Location: Fully remote/ remote first. They have no office.

Would you like to use your tech skills to help reduce the damaging impact of transportation on the climate crisis?

Then this role and company might just well be what you’ve been looking for!

I am looking for a Data Analyst who will be joining a growing team of data specialists who have a huge breadth of knowledge between them and are interested in moving forwards with the latest tech and keeping up to date.

Data IS the company’s product. They use it to augment behaviours within the transportation sector to reduce fuel costs and usage; helping the companies they work with to save money and, most importantly, to have a significant, positive impact on the environment.

Due to the nature of the business, having a strong passion for data would be a major advantage! You will transcend into the typical data spectrum, looking at performance management, data science and Machine learning.

You don’t have to have spent years working with data to apply for this role, you maybe a graduate who has a desire to jump on board the data train, however you will have an understanding of big data sets and how they work. One thing that is important though is that you will have used python and some experience of working with the cloud, ideally AWS.

On a day to day basis the main involvement will be with analytics and data science, as well as building dashboards, analysing data and research – as in looking at historical data. There is a demand within the business developing for AI so this is also something that you will be able to get your teeth stuck into.

They all work fully remotely, and don’t have an office, so you’ll need to happy and able to comfortably work from home. They do like to socialise though! So in-person meetup suggestions- perhaps in a hot desk environment or a meeting for a coffee- would be welcomed.

If this sounds right up your street, then please get in touch to find out more, or apply today!

International Data Consultant

Role: International Data Consultant

Location: Hybrid – offices in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Salary: £25K-£27K with a 10% additional bonus

Are you someone who understands how valuable accurate and reliable data is? Do you see yourself working with data to help make the world a better place? If you’ve started your journey in data and are looking to progress your skills with a well-established company that puts data at the core of its values, look no further.

I’m currently working with an environmental consultancy that prides itself on being the hardest workers in sustainability. They offer a variety of consultancy services to large UK and international blue-chip companies that need help with their waste disposal and compliance concerns. They’re divided into four different divisions, but the main teams are Data Insights and International Compliance.  The level of progression is excellent as they’re a big company that is constantly growing!

With that in mind, I’m looking for a talented, bright individual to join their international data team as a Data Consultant. The role has come about as they are opening the position for their Global Reporting division in North America. The role will find you working with data and reports for international customers, ensuring that the information submitted by Account Managers is up to the highest quality and standard practices. This also includes ensuring submissions are sent within the deadline, all the key figures such as packaging weight and units are all measured correctly, and Data cleansing and maintenance. Essentially, you’ll be the spot-check guru who ensures everything necessary is covered in each submission!

This role requires great attention to detail. Someone with perception and an eagle eye for anomalies is an essential requirement.

If you’ve got previous experience in data analytics and research, be it through your degree (STEM subjects are appreciated, but anything data-related goes! This could be Maths, Geography, any Sciences etc.), or through your work experience as an analyst or a consultant.

A lot of the spreadsheets will be deployed in Excel, so if you’re a nerd with this you could be a good fit J But it’s also important that you can communicate effectively with different customers and colleagues when it is required.

The role has the opportunity to be fully remote, however, they do have an office in Stratford Upon Avon, and team inclusivity is something they do admire so someone who can come into the office would be valued!

Senior BI Analyst – Tableau 

Senior BI Analyst – Tableau
Location: Remote, UK based
Salary: £55,000 – £65,000 + benefits.

How would you like to be part of the team that leads in cutting 8% of global emissions?

Leading more sustainable lives isn’t hard but changing behaviours can be.

This company have always been remote and does a lot to ensure their teams are genuinely happy working this way.

They do have a fast-paced environment, after all their work is urgent and the climate crisis isn’t yet slowing, but they’re super friendly and collaborative in their culture. Everyone is passionate about addressing social and environmental issues, compassionate and bought into having an impact.

You’ll be working with a technical team of around 30, where everyone contributes their ideas. Pair programming and knowledge sharing are common and shared goals for the platform centre around impact.

For this role, you’ll be working as part of a product team as a Senior BI specialist.  The kinds of data you’ll be working with are very varied, but almost all of it will be related to the company’s mission of reducing consumption and waste and improving the lives of millions around the world.

It really is worthwhile work…I can’t stress this enough.

You’ll need a strong Tableau background, along with strong all-round SQL.  Any Python and/or R experience would be useful, though the role will only involve moderate amounts of programming.

You’ll have some level of statistics and data analytics/science experience, along with Cloud (GCP ideally) and an appreciation of data warehousing/storage.

Above and beyond this though, you will have an interest in tackling the climate crisis and will love the idea of working for a company that is working to resolve it.

What’s in it for you? Well, the list is too long to fit here. Alongside a great salary, true flexibility to work how you like (abroad for 6 months?), timings that fit around your life, no clock-watching and real progression, you’ll be joining a company that is already changing the world and has its eyes set firmly on scaling their impact.

If this sounds appealing to you, please hit apply and let’s have a chat.  ✊

Back End C# Software Engineer

Role: Back End C# Software Engineer

Location: Nottingham city centre, hybrid- very flexible, ideally 2 days per week in the office.

Salary: Up to £55k, depending on experience.

Have you been working in a corporate hellscape for a year or two, dreaming of joining a start-up company right from the beginning where you can learn ALL THE THINGS, have built-in career progression, and ABSOLUTELY NO LEGACY CODE?  

Well, this is not a dream, this is a reality- welcome to your new role!  

I have partnered with a brand new fintech start-up company, which is currently sitting at a handful of people but with an impressive network around the founders, consisting of industry leaders with loads of knowledge of the fintech space. This is a great point to take note of because it mitigates a lot of the risk that would usually be associated with joining a start-up from the ground up! 

They are looking for their second developer to hire, to join their CTO and senior developer.  

They are sticking closely to the Microsoft web stack and solely on back-end development as the front end is taken care of, so you’ll need to have a background with the following tech to be right for this:


.Net Core/6/7 


SQL Server 

Agile/ TDD/ best practice (SOLID, design patterns)  

Whilst a solid foundation of technical skill is naturally needed for the role, your personality, communication, enthusiasm and desire to learn are going to be paramount to your success here; you’ll need to want to get stuck into anything and everything, be eager to learn loads, and have bags of ambition to be the best developer you can be! 

If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, then apply now or drop me a line to find out more! 

Senior C# Software Developer – Data

Role:  Senior C# Software Developer – Data

Salary:  £55-65k plus benefits

Location:  Birmingham office, flexible working hours and location. You can go into the office as much or as little as you like. The average, I would say, is 1/ month.

Do you want to work in a company that is big enough to have well-established career paths, small enough to know that all your work makes a real, material difference, and prides itself on not only some of the best tech talent around, but a culture to match?

If not, why not?!

I love recruiting for this company, and I’m sure you’ll love working there.

I am looking for a Senior Software Developer to join a team of 4 highly proficient, friendly people, consisting of; a Team Leader, Principal Dev, and mid-level Dev, which looks after a couple of .net and Angular software products, and their data stack.

As a highly capable Software Developer and go-to person on the team, with a friendly demeanour, collaborative approach, and a straight-forward communication style, you’ll be well-versed in modern software development best practice, cloud services, a modern data stack, and high-quality solutions. This role will see you liaising with internal stakeholders to turn business requirements into fit-for-purpose software solutions and providing both full stack web-based software development, and working heavily with data pipelines doing extract, transform & load (ETL) of data from live systems into a data warehouse and data marts for analysis and reporting.

Tech-wise, you will be especially capable with the following;

  • Full stack web development – .NET 6 or greater, C#, Angular (AngularJS is not the one!), TypeScript, Azure and Azure DevOps, and SQL Server.
  • Data stack – Apache Airflow, dbt, and Snowflake.

This role would be perfect for you if you’re the kind of person who is passionate about software development, but in particular, loves a good SQL Server database! You’ll have a hankering for designing and implementing a very elegant relational database, and data models that make analysis and reporting a breeze.

You’ll be working in a cloud native (Azure) PaaS (Platform as a Service) environment where they use IaC (Infrastructure as Code) techniques and strong Agile development principles, including unit testing, integration testing, build automation, release automation, pipelines, infrastructure-as-code.

If this sounds like a great time to you, apply now, or if you want to ask some questions to learn more, drop me a line and let’s talk!

ClimateTech GIS Operations Analyst

ClimateTech GIS Operations Analyst

Location: Cambridge, flexible – quarterly office visits, maybe fully remote.

Salary: Up to €75K + Equity and benefits

Biodiversity is taking a beating at the hands of human activity.

Vegetation management may not sound all that exciting but building earth observation software to integrate satellite imagery, geospatial analysis and Machine Learning with data coming in from teams, remote sensors and other hardware on the ground certainly does!

The key focuses of this role will be building and optimising GIS infographics for customers, running the more complex analysis they may struggle with and reviewing how this company structures their data for storage and reuse in future scenarios to raise the value of analysis that is completed.

Their customer base is spread across multiple regions, and they’ve expanded quickly so experience working with global or regionally diverse customers will be beneficial. Also, if you’ve worked with mapping and overlays for assets, such as EV charge points or optimising the location of remote sensors, that’d be helpful – and this can be quite broad.

They use Google Cloud Platform and Python alongside modern Typescript, ES6, ES7 and frameworks like React and NodeJS. They’re not looking for this person to be an engineer but any familiarity with those technologies will stand out.

It’s likely that this person will be an early member of the team that will need to grow through 2024, so some leadership opportunities are likely. You’ll also be establishing the standards for how they run GIS analysis moving forward, looking to reduce errors and improve customer experience.

You’ll support the development and data teams on various projects too as so much of the work here incorporates or integrates geospatial and remote sensing data. Some projects you’ll own and build out, others you’ll review and contribute to.

The team here are highly passionate, having been quickly growing this year and are set to continue that growth with the rate at which they’re acquiring new customers. In future, they will look to expand into other product lines to support additional industries in delivering climate solutions.

If you’re serious about saving our planet this is definitely a role you should apply for.

What are you waiting for? 😀

Senior GreenTech DevOps Engineer

Senior GreenTech DevOps Engineer

Salary: €75,000 – €90,000 + equity + remote setup, conference, and training budgets.

Location: Fully remote – Europe or UK based.

Forest management can be challenging. Cut too much and you’re causing unnecessary damage, too little and the risk of wildfire or damage to infrastructure can be devastating and costly.

Vegetation management may not sound all that exciting but building earth observation software to integrate satellite imagery and Machine Learning with data coming in from team and remote sensors and other hardware on the ground presents interesting challenges!

These systems are used to efficiently manage resources and team activities, saving time and money.

Most importantly though, this saves homes, businesses and services from blackouts caused by seasonal and extreme weather events. It’s a game changer in energy and climate resilience.

The company have grown rapidly since the end of 2021. There are ~60 people now, with around 40 of those in development and data science.

They hired a DevOps Engineer in Jan 2023 and are growing that team as they look to scale their systems and build resilience ahead of a Series A fundraiser in early 2024.

You’ll support the data and software engineering teams to ensure new features go live seamlessly, and that new services have the capacity they need to run efficiently. Ensuring monitoring and alerting is set up will also be key, as well as implementing some security protocols in collaboration with the director of CloudSec.

They use Google Cloud Platform but understand AWS is largely transferrable, alongside Docker, Kubernetes and Dagster. But experience with Argo, Airflow, Dask or others is transferrable.

If you’ve worked with satellite data or imagery, that’s hugely valuable, and Pangeo stack, so JupyterHub, Xarrat or Zarr will also stand out.

They’re keen to find someone with experience working in startups, ideally with satellite imagery in some capacity, at the very least with large and complex data systems that include high-resolution image-based and geospatial data. 

If you’ve not worked with satellite imagery or geospatial data, but you’re a bit of a security expert and are keen to expand your responsibilities there, this could still work if you’ve worked with huge data systems.

Following that, a real passion for climate solutions is something they’ll need to see.

They care about their staff. They have a 13% vacation stipend to send you on some epic holidays and contribute to your training and development, and operate truly flexibly – so long as you’re available and overlap with the team (+/- 3-hour CET is best) you can work when you chose.

If this sounds like a bit of you please reach out. They’re remote first and will consider people anywhere in Europe. They can also provide visa sponsorship via a Netherlands government salary sacrifice scheme if you’d prefer to move to the Netherlands.

GreenTech Technical Delivery Lead

GreenTech Tech Delivery Lead

Location: Fully remote within Europe, +/- 1 hour of CET.
Salary: €70K – €85K + 13% vacation supplement + equity & benefits.

Vegetation management. Harder than it sounds. Cut too much; cause unnecessary damage, too little and the risk of wildfire or damage to infrastructure can be devastating and costly.

Vegetation management may not sound that exciting but building earth observation software to integrate satellite imagery with geospatial analysis and Machine Learning with data coming in from teams, remote sensors and other hardware on the ground presents interesting challenges! 

These systems are used to efficiently manage resources and team activities, saving time and money.

Most importantly though, this protects as much nature as possible while saving homes, businesses, and services from blackouts caused by seasonal and extreme weather events. Literally improving energy and climate resilience.

The company have grown rapidly since the end of 2021. There are ~60 people now, with around 30 of those in development and geospatial / data science.

The data science team are growing to increase the capacity of their systems for their existing clients, and to meet demand as new clients with ever-more-interesting requirements come online. They need someone to support these efforts to utilise the tools they’ve built to bring value from satellite imagery and other geospatial datasets, analysing those using machine learning, and delivering the end results to customers.

You’ll work with commercial teams and customers to understand their needs, what existing solutions can be applied, what’s already planned and in development and what future capabilities can be delivered. You’ll design bespoke solutions and wrangle the necessary people to deliver those.

Also, supporting software engineering and data science teams to improve and create products and tools, define risk, strategy and resource management alongside executing delivery plans in line with estimations.

This role is somewhat hybrid, touching on technical project management, with some hands-on work using Python and Jupyter notebooks to implement fixes, optimise and configure tools and generally tie off loose ends where needed, so you’ll be ~30% hands-on.

Commercial remote sensing experience and satellite imagery exp are a huge benefit, but having experience with Python and Jupyter Notebooks is a must, and they’re keen to speak with people who’ve worked at start-ups or small companies where close customer relationships and interaction are/were the norm. 

Predominantly they use Python, but they also work pretty heavily with GIS technologies and tools. They also use PyTorth and Tensorflow, so experience with similar frameworks or libraries will be transferrable, especially if you have that remote sensing, geospatial or satellite data exp.

There will be projects that others lead, and you review or support, but you will take the lead on lots of different projects, some small, some larger. The team are friendly and passionate, and the company are supportive with good benefits including equity, so you’ve bought into any future success.

What are you waiting for – if this sounds interesting and you have done 60-70%, or more, of what’s mentioned above in some form, do hit apply. 

Technical Implementation Analyst

Role:  Technical Implementation Analyst

Location:  Remote First – but ideally want someone in Nottingham in case they are needed worst case once a week for important meetings

Salary:  Up to £33k per annum

Are you a form king/queen? Is SQL “your bag”? Data flows = dopamine flow? Do you dream of forms? If so, I’ll be honest, I’m a bit concerned, but you’d potentially be good for this role….

Ps. They will consider graduates. I know, I know, it’s their idea, not mine (I swear, I’m joking) 😉

Sector – E-commerce/Online Retail

Angle – The main tech stack you will be using is SQL (for data), JSON (text format for presenting data) & (form building tools)

Benefits – Pension scheme, private healthcare (cash plan), quarterly socials & Christmas getaways, holiday purchase scheme, and maternity/paternity benefits scheme.

You’ll be working with a remote-first company in the e-commerce sector to build forms and build data flows for them to catch, sort and understand the data they are gathering.

If you are looking to be in a more data-focused role and get your teeth further into SQL which is an industry standard now for storing data or are a recent graduate (no post-study work visa applicants please, as they don’t have the right licensing), hit apply and we shall speak soon! 😊

Data Scientist

Role:  Data Scientist

Location:  Fully Remote/Remote First (work from home 100% of the time)

Salary:  Around £60-80k, but very flexible, depending on your suitability and amount of relevant experience.

Do you want to work for a company that is actively making the world a better place?

If so, a B Corp is the way to go, and that’s what the company I’m recruiting for is! 🙌🏻

Not only that, but they work in a completely remote and flexible way; if you put in the 40 hours per week and attend meetings you’re booked in for, you can work from wherever in the UK, and whenever you want, literally. (You must be based in the UK for data residency rules)

How do you know you’re right for this role, you ask?

Well, you’ll be a switched-on, very engaging person, who loves data and technology and the infinitely cool and interesting things that can be done with it!

You’re a technical wizard; with an impeccable foundation in Data Science and Software Engineering.  You not only understand the fundamentals of data engineering, analysis, and science, but you live them, too.

For this role, you’ll need to feel at home in a quick-moving, specialist, data science role, and with the following core skills/ tech:

  • Predictive forecasting
  • GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks)/ Generative AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Bricks (Azure)
  • Apache Spark
  • Tensorflow
  • Python

The focus of this role will be for you to be the sole data science specialist in the company. They have some people in the Software Engineering teams who have some familiarity with Data Engineering but nobody who can bring a specialist skill set to the table.

The reason for this role being created is a new retail customer for my client, who would like to massively up their game when it comes to things like stock utilisation, ordering forecasts, stock capacity and planning, using live CCTV feeds to improve customer experience, etc.

My client has a data platform that is written in Python, which would be yours to take ownership of.

In the medium to long term, the progression route for this role is to create a team around you and for you to become the Head of Data for their company, so lots to get excited about!

If this role sounds smashing to you, or you’d like to learn more about it, please either apply now for immediate consideration or drop me a line!

EPIC Database Analyst

Role:  EPIC Analyst/Database Analyst

Salary:  Up to £26k per annum

Location:  2 days a week in Birmingham or Stratford upon Avon

Tech Stack – PowerQuery + Power BI + Excel

Benefits – Incentive plan (up to 10% bonus paid out most years), 25 days leave including bank holidays, the option to buy/sell up to 10 days leave, private medical insurance, income protection schemes, up to 8% employer contribution pension etc.

I’m going to start by saying that although you may know EPIC as the larger version of user stories BUT in this case EPIC stands for Environmental Program Information Centre. This is the data warehousing system used at the company I am recruiting on behalf of. They are a Green Tech company streamlining waste reduction and regulation compliance to make the world a less wasteful place.

The hiring manager is looking for a creative analytical thinker who loves manipulating and collating reports on data. A natural problem solver who can work off their own back and collaborate in a small team when required is the ideal candidate. Maybe you are a data graduate with a lot of exposure to Excel and data reporting with PowerQuery and PowerBI from projects and placements or maybe you are doing something completely unrelated, but you are working on your own projects in your spare time.

You will be working in a “humorful” EPIC team of 3 to look at smarter ways of manipulating, managing, reporting and acting on internal data systems. If you have any experience with automation data tools or Python you will be seen as top tier but if not no pressure, there’s lots of time to learn! So, what are you waiting for?

SAP Master Data Controller

Role:  SAP Master Data Controller

Salary:  £30k to £40k per annum

Working model:  2/3 days a week in Nottingham

Sector – Retail/Supply Chain

Benefits summary – Healthcare/cash-plan lifestyle package, free parking (I’m joking this isn’t a perk but they do have free parking), excellent working environment (cool office).

SAP and Master Data.  That’s what you do.

You’ll be working for a well-established brand in the retail sector as a subject matter expert in the SAP space. You will be reporting directly to the SAP Portfolio Manager so if you are looking to develop your skills and experience in the SAP space, you’ll be a great company.

I know nearly every single job advert you see says “must have good communication skills” which seems a little bit obvious but in this particular role since you will be liaising across departments, working alongside internal stakeholders, and working to tight SLAs at times, they need a people person who enjoys keeping everyone informed who can keep a level head when there are supply chain difficulties.

This company would love to speak to relevant candidates with a bit of logistics or supply chain experience but if you don’t necessarily have this but you have great SAP and Master Data exposure (even if your current role isn’t necessarily called a SAP Master Data controller / Analyst) hit apply to find out more.

Bi (Qlik) Developer

Role:  Bi (Qlik) Developer

Salary:  £60k + 10% bonus

Location:  Hybrid role with 2 days in Cannock

Looking for a challenging role as a BI (Qlik) Developer? Look no further! We are seeking an experienced BI (Qlik) Developer to join a dynamic and small BI team of 3.

In this role, you will also need to have a thoughtful implementation of Qlik Sense best practices in order to deliver effective Qlik Sense solutions to the users. You will need to comprehend and translate complex and advanced functional, technical, and business requirements into executable architectural designs. You will also be responsible for managing relationships with BI vendors and suppliers.

Our ideal candidate must have significant experience in application designing, architecting, development and deployment using QlikView and Qlik Sense. They must be efficient in front-end development and know visualization best practices. Strong database and SQL skills are a must-have. Experience in RDMS such as MS SQL Server, MySQL etc. is also desirable.

The candidate should have hands-on experience in QlikView and Qlik Sense development, dashboarding and data modelling and reporting (ad hoc report generation) techniques. Strong communication skills at all levels of the business and strong analytical skills are also essential.

If you are a passionate BI (Qilk) Developer looking for an exciting opportunity to apply your skills and experience in a dynamic and challenging environment, then we want to hear from you! Please apply today and join our team of talented and innovative professionals.