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Why Rebel?

We were born to break the rules

We exist to break the rules and challenge convention. We are an ethically-driven, results oriented specialist tech recruitment company. We exist because recruitment needs to be done better. People deserve to be treated better and it’s time to call time on the old salesy, pushy approach to tech recruitment.

Recruiters who listen and deliver

An ethical, professional service

Fun, engaging, personable recruiters

An Ethically Driven Business

We started this journey in 2015, to be an ethical, people-centred alternative to the many transactional agencies out there. We go to bed at night knowing we are doing good in the world, on however small a scale that might be. This matters to us.
smiling man working at desk

We Get Results

We always wanted to combine outstanding values with outstanding results. Our customers choose to work with us because we get results, but also because of who we are and what we stand for.


We don’t hire high-performing pains-in-the-backside. We hire good people, from the inside out. We are old heads, young heads, mothers, fathers, graduates, apprentices and everything in between. People who put people and the wider world before profit. A bunch of good, honest eggs who happen to love working with each other.


We recognise the privileged industry we are in and that we never lose anything by helping others.

We, therefore, pledge that, at the very least, 1% of our gross profit will go to charitable causes.  Employers are also free to choose the charity we donate their portion.

Where possible we will prioritise smaller, local causes.