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Rebel Sustainability

You want mission-aligned talent

We’re sustainability recruitment specialists. Working with some of the most innovative sustainability-driven organisations in the world, we find the value-drive talent they need to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Finding value-driven talent

Working with recruiters who care

Deep knowledge of sustainability issues

Working with people who care

Our sustainability recruiters are not your average recruiters. They are informed, insightful and up to date on everything sustainability, climate and conservation related. They read what you read and care for what you care about. Who better to have on your side when engaging with the hardest-to-find talent?

Get your jobs noticed

We know that you may not be able to compete on salaries with the identikit Fintech or investor-backed start-ups out there. That’s why we work so hard to tell your story and position you as a viable alternative, so that the right candidates want to join your mission.

We share the risk

We offer some of the industry’s most generous rebate periods, meaning that you can enjoy piece of mind knowing that should things not work out, we’ll always have your back
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Let’s talk sustainability

Your organisation is dedicated to safeguarding our future and tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. You need people. Great people. One’s that care about the cause, who go to work to do the work that really matters.

Finding people who are mission-aligned is tough, especially the with niche-skills your venture needs. That’s where Rebel Sustainability comes in. We combine expert recruitment ability with an ardent passion for sustainability and serving the greater good.

We get real results for organisations working to make a positive difference to our world.