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Senior Appointments

A quality search and selection service

Some vacancies are just too important to leave to chance. We undertake the deepest headhunting searches to find the key candidates our clients need to deliver against their most pressing priorities

Quality Senior Appointment shortlists

Highly professional candidate engagement

Pre-qualified, highly engaged senior prospects

Do you struggle with

  • Exceptional senior appointment shortlists?

  • Highly credible, discrete candidate engagement?

  • Insightful, thorough screening & submission?

Our Offer

A bespoke, discrete search service

We will work with you to build target profiles covering industry, skills and seniority before undertaking the search This will be then be delivered professionally, tactfully and maintaining your brand reputation, ensuring the most discrete conversations are had on your behalf.

Competitor headhunting

The best person for your job is usually already delivering for your competition. We’ll work with you to build a compelling narrative to bring these people into your fold, through targeted outreach and engagement

Guaranteed Shortlists

With our retained service we aren’t leaving things to chance. We guarantee a quality shortlist of top senior prospects to interview, saving you time and money.
  • “We really got the impression that they wanted to help grow our company… they really seem to care and take the time to listen to what the requirements are.”

    – Brian Williamson
    MD, StoreFeeder
  • “Much more personal…They were friendly and helpful, rather than sending me out for 3 or 4 jobs we targeted the one I wanted and I’m here now.”
    – Sharif Owadally
    Business Analyst
  • “Natasha has been extremely helpful in the recruitment process for us and has placed 2 Account Managers in our team. Both have been the perfect fit for us and have already achieved great success in their short time here. I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for talented salespeople.”
    – Anthony
    Sales Team Leader
  • “I thoroughly enjoy working with Mica at Rebel, she does a great job in understanding our staffing needs and finding candidates that align with our culture and core values. The work Mica does provides us with a small pool of great candidates that we just need to hire.”
    – Adam
    CTO & Co-Founder
  • “Mica at Rebel Recruiters took the stress out of finding a new position. Her professional and friendly approach went a long way to easing the pitfalls of an international move and helped me get into the working market quickly with a good position. Well played Rebel!”
    – Andrew
    Senior Dev
  • “Jules has made Rebel stand out above the other recruitment agencies we’ve used in the past. Not only does she take the time to understand our requirements, and provide us with candidates that genuinely match what we’ve asked for, but she’s also outstanding in the account management role.”
    – Richard
    Lead Operations Engineer

    Expert Recruiters

    This isn’t an ordinary piece of recruitment. You need someone highly specific, a distinguished senior professional or niche skills professional. You want a highly skilled senior recruiter to guide you through and deliver a guaranteed shortlist ensuring you get the best person for the job.