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Who We Are

The tech-recruitment good guys.

We’re recruiters who combine expert knowledge with ethical values. Since 2015 we’ve forged a reputation hiring some of the most in-demand tech candidates without the usual sales-schmuck. We cover product, software engineering and business change roles through our in-house team of specialist recruiters.

Working with a
trusted brand

Access to expert, specialist recruiters

Coverage for all
your roles

Our Culture

Our internal culture is geared towards combining exceptional results with a people-centred-service. Our candidates and employers can expect a service delivered with honesty, integrity and expert insight by our Rebel recruiters.

We’re tech recruiters

We combine decades of specifically working within the tech recruitment market. We know what it takes to get the hardest tech roles filled and get them filled fast.

Our People

The hardest jobs we’ve ever filled are our own! Whilst we are a laid back bunch, we set exceptionally high standards at Rebel. Our recruiters are geared towards delivering the best possible service to candidates and employers alike.

Expert Recruiters

Recruiters who combine the deepest, expert knowledge with unshakeable ethical values? Yep, it’s possible! Employers love us because we’re easy to work with and get results. Candidates love us because we treat them like human beings, not commodities. We love us because our team is awesomely loveable (most of the time).