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Meet the Rebels

We’re seasoned recruiters, people-people, creatives, free-thinkers, dad-jokers and animal lovers.

Alex Lawson

.NET Recruiter
The least Geordie Geordie you’ll ever meet. Allergic to vegetables. Loves a good, ripped jean. Quietly taking the .NET world by storm. Dog dad to Cedric and Gunther.

Zelda Perry

Operations Manager
Legend. Our Operations Manager and all-round superstar. Killer of dullards. Filler of swear jars. Hails from South Africa.

Mica Bell

Recruitment Director & DevOps Specialist
Maker of beautiful developer matches. Techie-lover. Contagiously excitable. Knows developers. The real OG

Azar Hussain

Chief Rebel
Tech recruitment expert. Passionate about human beings (little ones + big ones) & building an ethical, fair business. Analogy abuser. Often uses far more words than is strictly necessary (we get it Azar!)

Ali Hassan

In his element when the going gets tough. Possesses relationship-building skills that will make your BFF jealous.

Alissa Peutrill

Finance Assistant
Smarty pants, process-junkie & lover of tidiness. Remembers everything. Gets it done.

Jules Ludlow

Delivery Team Manager
Mum, manager, runner, biker. All-round super-hero. Doesn’t dither dilly-dallying. The quickest recruitment gun we have.

Yas Mahtab

Finance Director & Senior Recruiter
Relationship builder. Red Bull for blood. Quadruple-daddy. Plays Dungeons and Dragons. Brings game-changing energy when others droop.


Head of Pawsitivity
Body positive pooch. Not really Rebellious. Conforms to dog stereotype. Thinks everything is edible.
What we love most about being rebels