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ConservationTech Mid-level DevOps Engineer

Full Time, Permanent

Applications to this vacancy are now closed

ConservationTech Mid-level DevOps Engineer

Location: Hybrid, 2 days in Cambridge per month (potential for fully remote)

Salary: £40K – £44K +12% pension and benefits.

Biodiversity is a buzzword right now.

The tide is turning in terms of policy, public attention, and commitment but most importantly, in terms of funding. The 30 by 30 target and commitments from BioCOP15 are leading to real growth in our capability to protect, repair and enhance nature.

This role will sit within a team of ~30 techies, UIUX designers, product and project managers, developers, architects and more who are delivering tools and technologies for the future of nature conservation.

Building roads, mines, railways, and other infrastructure will always impact biodiversity and for the most part, the UK has high standards here.

That’s not the case for every country in the world.

Governments are scrambling to understand how valuable nature is and how their infrastructure and economic plans impact our planet. Questioning whether a forest is more commercially or socially valuable than an oil rig or palm oil plantation? How do you even track that?

Cue this organisation, the only one of their kind in the world. They build tools and offer services and support to conservation partners, companies, and governments around the world to better plan for enhancing and protecting nature.

Tech-wise, there’s lots to play with; GIS technologies and tools are used across their portfolio. Primarily integrated into web apps built with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and Python, along with lots of SQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL and more as they manage critical databases to leverage insights to support all kinds of conservation projects.

You’ll be managing and supporting their web services and tools, monitoring infrastructure using things like Nagios or ELK stack, and managing databases using PostgreSQL in particular. Any experience automating and using Terraform, Ansible or similar tools and deploying software, using CICD pipelines is great and experience in testing and TDD is always beneficial!

They’re not fussy about what cloud you’ve worked with but lots of their partners benefit from Microsoft Azure thanks to the discounts MS give to charities in this space.

The work you do here will accelerate the positive impacts and solutions available to wider organisations benefiting our environment. A lot of these benefits are tangible economic and social wins that in the longer term will reduce our dependency on problematic resources such as fossil fuels.

So, if you’re serious about saving our planet and turning the tide against the fight to fix our climate crisis, this is definitely a role you should apply for.

Visa sponsorship is available for the right candidate with a strong alignment using their tech stack.

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