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Job category: Software Development

Software Integrations Engineer

Role: Software Integrations Engineer

Location: Office in Castle Donnington, remote first working model.

Salary: up to £50k

Do you have a love for Python and AWS?

Want to work in a healthcare company that is helping make communication easier and more efficient?

Are you a whizz at communicating with everyone, from very senior stakeholders, down to non-techie junior devs?

If so, read on!

Working with a small, lovely remote-first company in the HealthTech space, we are after a Software Integrations Engineer to join them and enhance their capabilities to deliver to their customers. This role will see you take on full-time what others in the business have only been able to dedicate some of their time to, and it needs someone’s full attention, really!

Whilst you’ll get quite a bit of variety in this role: you’ll be using a variety of different databases and programming languages, you’ll most certainly be using AWS and their services heavily in this role, so experience of working with AWS is a must. You’ll also be using Python quite heavily, too, so again, experience with it is needed. If you’ve got a wide-reaching range of knowledge across different languages/ technologies, it’ll stand you in good stead here.

Working fully remotely, your only travel requirement will be to go down and meet with an external partner in London, twice per quarter, which will be fully expensed. This leads me nicely onto the soft skills side of what’s needed from you: great communication skills are paramount.

You’ll be confident, enthusiastic and a great listener, too. Talking with senior people won’t phase you, and neither will talking tech with someone without a background in it- you have an open and honest demeanour and know how to ask the right questions!

If this sounds like you, apply now or drop me a line to find out more!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

CONTRACT Full Stack Software Engineer

Role:  CONTRACT Full Stack Software Engineer – C# / ASP.NET – (initially 3 months)  

Rate:  Between £360 to £450 per day (outside IR35)

Location:  Nottingham – Hybrid – 1 to 2 days a week in the office

Are you a software engineering veteran? Can you showcase your battle scars from all the development projects that you’re proud of over the years? Have you previously solved the problem of what many would see as a technical nightmare or impossibility? Do you dream of coding? If so, keep reading because I’ve got a cracking contract role on, just for you!

I’m on the hunt for a Senior Software Engineer to join the ranks of a tech powerhouse in Nottingham (you get to grace the office once a week, but WFH royalty for the other four days!). Picture this: you, part of an elite squad of IT mercenaries who will be part of a global transformational project, ready to tackle a colossal project. The mission? Upgrade and merge various product lines (working alongside their existing software team) used by millions throughout the world. No mundane BAU tasks here—this squad is all about swooping in, delivering upgrades, and vanishing into the digital shadows. Let me be clear, this is all about working on exciting green field projects, building up transformational later between platforms and new builds to support the current SaaS platforms.

What am I looking for?

  • Proven track record of building software applications from scratch, and experience in moving from monolithic architecture to microservices.
  • Razor-sharp skills in ASP.NET core, C# 10 (.NET framework/.NET 6.0), Web APIs, Microsoft SQL Server, and automated testing frameworks
  • Experience in event-based services, API development & integration.
  • Azure Database-related projects are in your blood.
  • Experience with Agile software development

If you think you have what it takes, call or email me.

Yas from Rebel Recruiters.

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect, regardless of background.

Front End Developer

Role: Front End Developer

Location: Fully remote. If you live in/around Nottingham or Leeds, they do have office space if you want to see people IRL.

Salary: Around £50 – £75k, depending on your experience level.

Are you stuck in a bit of a rut?   Does it seem like all you do is firefight, do small bug fixes, and maintain old software?   Would you like a bit more excitement in your working life?

Then look no further, dear Front End Developer reader- I’ve got just the ticket for you!

I’m working with a fabulous little company that is just at the start of its journey.

They have been formed from a corporate cutout, so they have inherited a full estate that is almost completely written in Perl with a front end that is 20 years old, written in JavaScript and JQuery. They have big plans for the road ahead, and it involved a full rewrite- using modern tech and a mainstream framework like react/ vue/ angular, although it’s likely to be React or Vue due to existing preferences within the team- of their technical landscape, nothing has been set in stone technically yet, so everything is to play for!

In this role, you’ll be the first front end developer to join a team of experienced, friendly, and talented people, and will be helping rebuild everything, most likely with TypeScript and a modern front end framework, over the coming years.

So, whilst your JavaScript and jQuery skills will be paramount initially, your ability to move over to TypeScript and React/Vue/Angular will really come to the fore in the medium to long term.

Working side by side with everyone in the company- management included- in a relatively flat structure, where everyone pitches in, you’ll have not only a holistic view of the codebase, commercial goings-on, etc., but you’ll have a voice in how things are done, too.

You’ll be working fully remotely unless you want to go into one of their office spaces in Nottingham or Leeds, and with lots of flex around how and when you work, you’ll have a great time here.

If this sounds great to you, then please apply now or drop me a line to find out more!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect, regardless of background.

.NET Software Engineer

Role:  .NET Software Engineer

Location:  100% remote working (UK Wide)

Salary: £40-£55k

Ready to join a tech scale-up that’s breaking the mould? This exciting company has created an incredible team culture, losing only one developer in the past few years—proof of their strong team loyalty.

The current squad is small but mighty, with 4 developers and a QA. You’ll have the chance to dive into all aspects of their tech landscape: building APIs, transforming legacy .NET code into .NET 8, using Blazor on the frontend, managing internal and external websites, and handling Azure, Azure SQL, and Service Bus tasks.

If you thrive on challenges and crave variety in your work, you’ll fit right in. With the company gearing up for significant growth, there are ample opportunities for career advancement and salary bumps.

This is your shot to join an exciting journey early on, make a real impact, and take your career to the next level. Jump in and help shape the future with us!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

C# Software Engineer

Role: C# Software Engineer 

Location: Nottingham city centre, hybrid- very flexible, ideally 1 day per week in the office (Tuesdays would be perfect). 

Salary: Up to £55k, depending on experience. 

Do you feel just another number at your company? Is it a bit tiny-cog-giant-machine-esque?

How does working at a 6-person company sound to you?

Well, dear developer, if you like the sound of that, have I got the right role for you!

I have partnered with a cracking little start-up company that is doing big things in the car insurance space, and they’d like you to join them on their journey.

You will be joining a very knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly Head of Development, and a couple of analysts who do a little bit of everything.

You, however, will mainly be focussing on a new project they have won, which mainly consists of front-end focussed work, in the short term, and many other projects in the medium to long term.

The front-end work is for a household name, with lots to do!

Tech-wise, they use:

  • .Net Razor Pages
  • C#
  • .Net MVC & Core 6+
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery/JavaScript

It’s really important that you’re happy and comfortable using .Net Razor pages for this role. This is the main technology stack they are going to be using for this initial project, and, whilst there’s scope to use different tech moving forward on other projects, this is what you’ll be living for the near future in this role!

If this sounds great to you, then hit apply or drop me a line to find out more!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

VP of Software

Role: VP of Software / Engineering

Salary: Up to £140k + Bonus

Location: Nottingham – Hybrid (2/3 days office based)  

We’re on the hunt for top-tier technical leaders in the East Midlands to join an exciting new venture with an established SaaS company in Nottingham. As the VP of Software, you’ll be a pivotal member of our leadership team, steering our software vision, spearheading AI innovation, and ensuring seamless integration. You’ll work closely with cross-functional teams, including engineering and product management, to deliver powerful and scalable cloud-based software solutions.

You’re an innovative powerhouse with top-notch technical skills, stellar communication, and global management experience. A dynamic team player, you excel in a matrixed organization. Leading by example, you set high standards and inspire your team to follow suit. Balancing multiple stakeholders and priorities is second nature to you, driving maximum impact for the business. Your performance record is strong, and you’re relentless in your own development. Engaging in both business and technical discussions excites you, pushing company products forward. Creating and delivering technical solutions that meet customer needs is your forte, working seamlessly with business units and engineering teams. You take pride in delivering results and constantly seek opportunities to innovate and improve. Building strong internal and external partnerships with integrity to uphold cultural values is at the core of your approach.

You’ve got a degree in Computer Science or something just as sharp, and over a decade of ruling large-scale global systems and teams. You’re a Full Stack and Cloud tech wizard, managing teams spread across the globe in a matrixed setup like it’s no big deal. Time zones and remote stakeholders? You’ve got it all covered, effortlessly juggling across locations. With a knack for working across various disciplines—security, compliance, legal, you name it—you’re a true interdisciplinary dynamo.

Communication is your superpower, and you can build relationships and present ideas across any level of the organization. Your analytical and problem-solving skills are second to none. Program management? You plan, you budget, you conquer, even if project management software is just an optional tool in your arsenal. And hey, if you’ve dabbled in ML/AI technologies, that’s just the cherry on top. You’re ready to take on any challenge with a rebellious streak and a professional edge.

If this sounds like your kind of scene, hit us up to set up a call or meeting. Let’s chat about how you can dive into this opportunity and shake things up.

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

Full Stack .Net Developer

Role:  Full Stack .NET / JavaScript Developer

Location:   Nottingham, Hybrid

Salary:  Competitive salary

You’ve got 2 or more years of experience as a developer and want to push on to a senior level but don’t have those opportunities in your current role.

Well, Rebel happens to be working exclusively with a growing, modern SaaS business based in Nottingham that can offer you exactly this!

They have a friendly and engaging culture, striking a perfect balance between the energy you get at a growing scale-up and the stability you get with a well-oiled established SaaS company.

They place great emphasis on employee well-being and offer benefits like 30 days annual leave + bank holidays and a £1,000 per year bonus.

The tech stack you’ll use is:


Vue (desired)

Azure (desired)

This client has a grown-up and flexible working culture. They have a wonderful, modern office in Nottingham city centre and like to be in the office once per week as a team.

They’re not looking for someone who can hit every buzzword on the spec. If you’re an ambitious full-stack .NET developer and want to learn, develop and progress in your career, you could be ideal for this role!

Apply now for more details!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

Senior Native Mobile App Developer

Role: Senior Native Mobile App Developer – Kotlin & Swift

Location:  Fully Remote – Office in Farnborough, Hampshire if you want to visit.

Salary: Up to around £80k, depending on experience. They would like to see a range of candidates, so if you would need more than this to consider the role, and you’re very experienced, please still apply!

No matter whether it’s iOS or Android, you’re the mobile dev go-to person.

You’re nimble with Swift and know almost everything there is to know about Kotlin.

You love them both, excel at development, and communicate superbly, too.

I am working with a fabulous start-up company that is really going places! They operate within the cyber security and tech insurance markets. They are growing at a good, steady pace, and are looking to bring more capacity into various functions across the company, including mobile development- there’s more work to do than they currently have the capacity for.

They have a mobile development contractor working with them at the moment, and they are exceptional, and well-known, in their industry, but with working part-time across a variety of customers, they can’t give enough time to my client to fulfil their needs, so they are looking to bring in a permanent member of the team to learn from, and ultimately take over from, the contractor.

Right now, they have a full technical roadmap drawn up for the app and are planning on a full UI overhaul- both structurally and visually. You’ll have lots to do from day 1 here- creating new features, making incremental improvements, and then you’ll embark on the rewrite.

Your communications skills will come to the fore in this role, as you’ll need to be able to work well alongside their contractor, disseminate knowledge across the existing tech team, and then be able to teach and mentor more junior people that you bring into the team, further down the line.

It’s important to keep in mind that they are a start-up and so a start-up mentality is crucial to be happy and successful here. You will be the type of person who loves to get stuck into any and all problems/ tasks that come your way, and aren’t the kind of person to say ‘that’s not my job’. As the company grows, so will your role, responsibilities, level of seniority, and salary.

At first glance, your expertise should shine through in Java and Kotlin, as well as Swift. While Objective-C isn’t mandatory, familiarity with it would be advantageous, as there’s still a bit of it lingering in their codebase.

If this seems like the role you’ve been waiting for, then apply now, or drop me a line to find out more!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

Typescript Developer

Role:  Typescript Developer

Salary:  up to £70k plus benefits

Location:  Fully remote. If you’d like to meet up with the team, they have a shared working space that you can go to in Nottingham, but there’s no pressure whatsoever to go into an office.

The company I’m recruiting for is a small, dynamic startup founded in 2020. One co-founder had a vision for a new education venture, brought in a business partner, and they’ve been charging forward ever since!  They now have around 15 people, with a development team mainly based in Hungary. They’re aiming to bring development over to the UK, scale their platform, expand their team, and significantly improve their tech stack and processes. Currently, their environment is built with TypeScript, ReactJS/NextJS, Hasura/GraphQL, TailwindCSS, some Vue.js on the front end, and parts hosted on AWS.

They’re looking to bring someone into the business, starting with this role, who has solid software engineering fundamentals—ideally with a background in TypeScript development. AWS Cloud and DevOps skills are also key to enhancing their deployment and CI/CD pipelines. They want someone who understands software architecture challenges and isn’t afraid to suggest bold changes!

They want to refactor their code, potentially change the development language and toolset used internally, and bring in someone with extensive experience across a broad range of AWS services to fully leverage what AWS has to offer!

You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to turn project needs into actionable plans. Design and develop scalable web apps using TypeScript and NextJS. Integrate backend services with Hasura and GraphQL for smooth data flow. Use TailwindCSS to craft responsive and eye-catching user interfaces. Optimize performance, troubleshoot issues, and thoroughly test to ensure everything runs smoothly. Stay on top of emerging tech and best practices to keep our development cutting-edge and efficient.

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent experience. Proven skills in TypeScript development for complex web apps are a must. Master ReactJS or NextJS, with a knack for state management and server-side rendering. Be well-versed in Hasura and GraphQL, with hands-on experience in schema design and real-time data. TailwindCSS expertise for rapid prototyping and responsive design is key. Know your way around Git, agile methodologies, and CI/CD pipelines. Bring top-notch problem-solving skills, a keen eye for detail, and a proactive approach to learning. Strong communication skills for seamless collaboration are essential so you can impart your knowledge, and collaborate well, with the rest of the tech team.

They have a shared working space setup in Nottingham City Centre but this role can be fully remote, depending on your preferences. They have fully embraced remote working and so you’ll not be pressured into attending an office!

If this sounds like your kind of challenge, hit apply now to dive into your next role! Want more details before taking the plunge? Reach out to me directly for all the info you need.

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

Full Stack .NET Developer

Role:  Full Stack .NET Developer

Location:   Derby, Hybrid

Salary:  Up to £42k

You’re ambitious, passionate, and keen to progress to the next level in software engineering but progression isn’t on the table in your current role.

Well, Rebel happens to be working with a modern SaaS business that places great emphasis on training, development and employee well-being with benefits like 30 days annual leave + bank holidays and more.

They have a friendly and engaging culture, striking a perfect balance between the energy you get at a growing scale-up and the stability you get with a well-oiled established SaaS company.

The tech stack you’ll use is:


Javascript with a mixture of modern frameworks


We aren’t looking for someone who has used the exact tech stack. As long as you have a couple of years experience as a Fullstack .NET Developer it would be great to hear from you!

Apply now for more details!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

Software Engineers

Role:  Software Engineers

Location: 1 day a week in Nottingham HQ

Salary:  £30-£50K


Are you looking for the opportunity to work with multiple software languages? Have you worked with Java, and are looking to learn C#? If so, this may be the role for you….

There are currently two roles available, hence the wide salary range! You may be a graduate or a mid-level developer who is looking to make the next step.

The product you will be working on isn’t your normal run of the mill, to work with this you will need to be security cleared, so if anything is lurking in your closet, this may not be the role for you.

If you have any experience in Java this is a bonus, as their legacy system is written in Java, however, this will be short-lived as you can probably guess by the fact that I mentioned it’s a legacy system. The new software is being written in C#, so if you have C# experience and haven’t touched Java it’s not the end of the world.

If you have worked with web front end and SQL and are happy to learn Java or C# don’t hesitate to apply!!

Apart from your tech skills you will be comfortable with continuous improvement plans and be happy to embrace change. New ideas won’t be quashed but will be welcomed by the team. Your voice will be heard!

If this interests you, hit apply and I look forward to speaking! 😊

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

C# Software Developer

Role: C# .Net Developer 

Location: North Nottingham, hybrid 2/ week in office

Salary: Up to £50K 

This must be one of my all-time favourite companies to recruit for, they are so lovely. A long-standing client of Rebel’s, this company make me happy- they really value their staff. 

I’m looking for a senior or strong mid-level C# Developer to join a wonderful small-medium-sized company in North Nottingham, just off the M1 J26. 

Their beautiful offices have been done up professionally, and have barely been used, as they moved in just before Covid hit- so it would be great for you to get in there and make yourself at home! 

They have 3 product development teams, using different tech, ranging from C# MVC, SQL Server and angular to .Net Core and microservices, Azure, and react (moving to Blazor): this role is ideally going to be going into the latter team, so new shiny tech and best practice (SOLID, design patterns, you know the score) is where they are at, and what they’d like you to be proficient with. 

The work you do here is needed and recognised- they are small enough that everyone knows everyone, collaborates, and generally has a great time at work. This is well-reflected in their very low staff turnover. 

Work/life balance is something they are passionate about, so they maintain a 35-hour working week, with core hours, and working-from-home options to help with this. They also offer things like training budget, including Pluralsight subscriptions for engineers, and the option to upskill in different areas of business, for example, if you are a dev and want to move into QA or SysAdmin, they will support you to make that move. 

They are of the mindset that human interaction and spontaneity is something that scheduled meetings can’t replace, and since they all actually like each other, going into the office again when it’s safe to do so is something they are happy they’ve been able to get back to. 

I could go on about them, but if you’ve read this far, nodding along with a smile on your face, then apply now and we can have a more in-depth chat about your new role! 

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

C# Software Engineer – WPF

Role:  C# Software Engineer (WPF/ WinForms) 

Location:  Office in Worcestershire.

Salary: up to £60k plus benefits 

Do you love cars?  How about the planet?  Fancy playing a part in reducing vehicle emissions and making driving as safe as possible? 

If you’re nodding vigorously, then you’re in luck because I’m working with a company that does just that! 

They have tasked me with finding someone to join their Desktop Team, so you’ll be using C# as your primary language, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 70% of the time and WinForms (Windows Forms) 30% of the time. 

You’ll need a great academic background in Maths/ Physics/ Computer Science/ Mechanical Engineering as the work you’ll be doing needs to be exceptionally accurate as it’ll be used for safety standard setting in the industry. If you’ve got experience of working in the automotive industry, that would be super useful! 

The work you’ll be undertaking in this post will be vital for not only your employer, but the industry at large, so if you’ve felt like a tiny cog in a giant machine (pun fully intended!) and like your work doesn’t really matter, then this role will be like a breath of fresh air! 

You’ll also get one day per month as ‘self-directed time’ to do as you please! You can learn a new language, take a technical exam, or do anything you like! 

Over the next couple of years, the company is looking to link up the Desktop Team with another team that uses a variety of tech, including Docker and Kubernetes, so there’s a chance to learn new tech further down the line in this role. 

The work arrangement is simple – you work from home as much as you want to: the minimum requirement for any travel is twice per year for team building events, average amongst current staff is 1/ month in the office.  

If this sounds good to you, apply now or drop me a line to find out more!  

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

C# Software Engineer

Role: Software Developer (C# .Net 6+) 

Location: Leicestershire office. Mostly remote – once per fortnight in the office for team meetings 

Salary: Up to £52K

If you’re fed up with getting passed rubbish projects, not having the support you need to do your job to the best of your ability, and no real career progression or training, you should apply for this role. 

I know this is a blunt opener, but I can’t think of a witty way to say: ‘You’re being underappreciated and that should stop because you’re great. Here’s how.’ 

I’m recruiting for a company in Leicester, and they need a Developer.  

They’ll be good to you. 

They have some great projects to get stuck into- both internal and external- because a few years ago some great, forward-thinking people in their tiny ‘IT department’ decided to champion tech to the board of Directors, and they got the go-ahead to put tech at the heart of the company, and it’s working: they are doing better than ever before.  

They have done -and are continuing to make the lives of their non-IT colleagues better by improving the systems/ apps they use. They are delivering new external applications to improve the experience of their users. 

They use the latest iterations of the tech they use- C#, .Net Core, Azure, Azure DevOps, CosmosDB, Azure AD, Docker, Kubernetes, Entity Framework, microservices, etc. and believe in doing things the *right* way, both in terms of technical best practice and methodologically, with things like Agile and DevOps processes.  

They have implemented Agile and DevOps methodology/ practices and team structure: so, whilst the team structure is quite flat because of that- lots of cross-collaboration between PMs, BAs, Devs, Test, etc. they are a relatively large company, and there are progression routes a-plenty, with training offered, too.  

They have several technical teams, filled with people that love what they do, and are blinking great at it. 

They are genuinely committed to being one of the best companies to work for in terms of their people, tech, projects, and beautiful office (with free parking and lots of treats in the kitchen). 

If you would like to learn more about this role, give me a shout at the contact details provided, or if you’re fully bought in, apply now!  

Welcome to the next step in your career. 

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.