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Front End Developer

Full Time, Permanent

Applications to this vacancy are now closed

Role: Front End Developer

Location: Fully remote. If you live in/around Nottingham or Leeds, they do have office space if you want to see people IRL.

Salary: Around £50 – £75k, depending on your experience level.

Are you stuck in a bit of a rut?   Does it seem like all you do is firefight, do small bug fixes, and maintain old software?   Would you like a bit more excitement in your working life?

Then look no further, dear Front End Developer reader- I’ve got just the ticket for you!

I’m working with a fabulous little company that is just at the start of its journey.

They have been formed from a corporate cutout, so they have inherited a full estate that is almost completely written in Perl with a front end that is 20 years old, written in JavaScript and JQuery. They have big plans for the road ahead, and it involved a full rewrite- using modern tech and a mainstream framework like react/ vue/ angular, although it’s likely to be React or Vue due to existing preferences within the team- of their technical landscape, nothing has been set in stone technically yet, so everything is to play for!

In this role, you’ll be the first front end developer to join a team of experienced, friendly, and talented people, and will be helping rebuild everything, most likely with TypeScript and a modern front end framework, over the coming years.

So, whilst your JavaScript and jQuery skills will be paramount initially, your ability to move over to TypeScript and React/Vue/Angular will really come to the fore in the medium to long term.

Working side by side with everyone in the company- management included- in a relatively flat structure, where everyone pitches in, you’ll have not only a holistic view of the codebase, commercial goings-on, etc., but you’ll have a voice in how things are done, too.

You’ll be working fully remotely unless you want to go into one of their office spaces in Nottingham or Leeds, and with lots of flex around how and when you work, you’ll have a great time here.

If this sounds great to you, then please apply now or drop me a line to find out more!

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect, regardless of background.

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