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DevOps Engineer – AWS Or Azure

Full Time, Permanent

Role:  DevOps Engineer (AWS OR Azure)

Location:  Nottingham, hybrid 1 / 2 days in the office. 

Salary:  Circa £72k + 10% bonus

Hey there adventurer, I’m talking to you! A DevOps wizard who has been trained in either the Azure or AWS guild! Are you tired of taking meek quests that don’t stretch your magic? The time has come to rally your skills and join the DevOps Fellowship of a cutting-edge SaaS house to make tech magic happen! Behold, for an opportunity of mythical proportions, awaits you!

In the realm of technical magic, the DevOps guild seeks a valiant leader to join their ranks. Your noble mission: to fortify the agile product development tribes with the magic of DevOps. As a member of this epic fellowship, you’ll wield your skills to build, maintain and test enchanted environments (infrastructure) to enable efficient development and release of their software for their SaaS artefacts. From the towering peaks of Azure or AWS infrastructure, you will be a strong voice for selecting, maintaining, and replacing technology to the mystic pathways. Your journey shall forge the future of building cloud-first systems using DevOps sorcery within such lands!

You’ll be joining an established party who have previously battled through some death-defying quests, as an experienced adventurer, you will only be answerable to the Head of the Enterprise DevOps guild. You will be constructing and maintaining realms that are not only available and secure but so scalable that even Dragons such as Smaug would be impressed. As a Azure leader, you’d be expected to guide fellow adventurers towards the way of DevOps, armed with the finesse tools and support spells. What about Software Sorcery, I hear you say? You will collaborate with development spellcasters to conjure solutions that sail through the software delivery portal like a dragon on roller skates!

What arsenal of traits and spells do you need to have?

Ideally, you will speak the tongues of C# or Python and any other language that seems fit. You’ll need to show your battle scars from Kubernetes, Linux Containers, Cloud infrastructure, Infrastructure as Code and Ci / CD Pipeline should all form part of your armoury.

The wisdom of Azure wizards will kneel before your mastery, perhaps they have crowned you with either Azure or AWS certifications! You would have weaved automation spells in previous quests so that even Merlin would be left flabbergasted.

Should you choose to accept such a quest, you should be prepared to dive into a DevOps adventure worthy of Middle-Earth, then take up your staff and click on apply. Your legacy in the land of code awaits and it’s more thrilling than a critical hit!

Your Dungeon Master awaits, Yas Mahtab from The Rebel Recruiters Shire of Nottingham.

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

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