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ClimateTech GIS Operations Analyst

Full Time, Permanent

Applications to this vacancy are now closed

ClimateTech GIS Operations Analyst

Location: Cambridge, flexible – quarterly office visits, maybe fully remote.

Salary: Up to €75K + Equity and benefits

Biodiversity is taking a beating at the hands of human activity.

Vegetation management may not sound all that exciting but building earth observation software to integrate satellite imagery, geospatial analysis and Machine Learning with data coming in from teams, remote sensors and other hardware on the ground certainly does!

The key focuses of this role will be building and optimising GIS infographics for customers, running the more complex analysis they may struggle with and reviewing how this company structures their data for storage and reuse in future scenarios to raise the value of analysis that is completed.

Their customer base is spread across multiple regions, and they’ve expanded quickly so experience working with global or regionally diverse customers will be beneficial. Also, if you’ve worked with mapping and overlays for assets, such as EV charge points or optimising the location of remote sensors, that’d be helpful – and this can be quite broad.

They use Google Cloud Platform and Python alongside modern Typescript, ES6, ES7 and frameworks like React and NodeJS. They’re not looking for this person to be an engineer but any familiarity with those technologies will stand out.

It’s likely that this person will be an early member of the team that will need to grow through 2024, so some leadership opportunities are likely. You’ll also be establishing the standards for how they run GIS analysis moving forward, looking to reduce errors and improve customer experience.

You’ll support the development and data teams on various projects too as so much of the work here incorporates or integrates geospatial and remote sensing data. Some projects you’ll own and build out, others you’ll review and contribute to.

The team here are highly passionate, having been quickly growing this year and are set to continue that growth with the rate at which they’re acquiring new customers. In future, they will look to expand into other product lines to support additional industries in delivering climate solutions.

If you’re serious about saving our planet this is definitely a role you should apply for.

What are you waiting for? 😀

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