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C# Software Engineer – WPF

Full Time, Permanent

Role:  C# Software Engineer (WPF/ WinForms) 

Location:  Office in Worcestershire.

Salary: up to £60k plus benefits 

Do you love cars?  How about the planet?  Fancy playing a part in reducing vehicle emissions and making driving as safe as possible? 

If you’re nodding vigorously, then you’re in luck because I’m working with a company that does just that! 

They have tasked me with finding someone to join their Desktop Team, so you’ll be using C# as your primary language, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 70% of the time and WinForms (Windows Forms) 30% of the time. 

You’ll need a great academic background in Maths/ Physics/ Computer Science/ Mechanical Engineering as the work you’ll be doing needs to be exceptionally accurate as it’ll be used for safety standard setting in the industry. If you’ve got experience of working in the automotive industry, that would be super useful! 

The work you’ll be undertaking in this post will be vital for not only your employer, but the industry at large, so if you’ve felt like a tiny cog in a giant machine (pun fully intended!) and like your work doesn’t really matter, then this role will be like a breath of fresh air! 

You’ll also get one day per month as ‘self-directed time’ to do as you please! You can learn a new language, take a technical exam, or do anything you like! 

Over the next couple of years, the company is looking to link up the Desktop Team with another team that uses a variety of tech, including Docker and Kubernetes, so there’s a chance to learn new tech further down the line in this role. 

The work arrangement is simple – you work from home as much as you want to: the minimum requirement for any travel is twice per year for team building events, average amongst current staff is 1/ month in the office.  

If this sounds good to you, apply now or drop me a line to find out more!  

We welcome diverse applicants and are dedicated to treating all applicants with dignity and respect regardless of background.

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