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Job category: Software Development

Head of Software Development

Role:  Head of Development

Salary:  £75-85k + equity and bonus

Location:  Leicestershire HQ – 2/3 office visits per month

Data, data, data.  You can’t move without someone launching a new company, product or service and convincing you that you need more data.

And here’s the thing.  Not all data products are equal.  Some are great and genuinely game-changing.

Some are pure ponies.

The proof is always in the pudding, and in this case the pudding is the number of customers and longevity of the company – and this is one seriously good pudding!

This business has been around for several years working in one of the most robust and stable markets around (they’ve still achieved 30% YoY growth in the last two years).

The business is now looking to grow its flagship product, harnessing the power of emerging technologies, to deliver a new and unique service.

The only problem? They need an Engineering leader to deliver this dream. A visionary with the ability to marry business vision with architectural design and team leadership.

We’re looking for an engineering leader with CTO ambitions. Someone ready to break free from the shackles of delivering someone else’s vision and take ownership of delivering your own! You’ll be passionate about technology and inquisitive about how new technologies can enable the business to deliver more value and better service to its customers.

The strategy will be an important part of the role, but the business recognises their ideal candidate may not have been able to demonstrate their abilities in this area in their current role, so they’re willing to give you a chance with them.

For this role you will need:

  • To be an engineering leader with the ability to coach and mentor a team to achieve their full potential.
  • Proven experience in the .NET stack with the ability to architect solutions that can scale with business ambitions.
  • To be the voice of engineering – engagement with non-technical stakeholders is critical.

The company are offering between £75-85k base with potential for equity, bonus and a generous holiday allowance, health insurance and pension. The company offers the ability to work in a true scale-up environment with a warm and down-to-earth team working towards a genuine and feel-good purpose.

This role is exclusive to Rebel so please apply for a guaranteed personal response or reach out to or 07458 160 412 for a confidential conversation about the role.

Senior Developer

Role: Senior Developer (C# .Net Core)

Location: Fully remote (1/ fortnight in the office for team meetings)

Salary: up to £57k depending on level of experience

If you’re fed up with getting passed rubbish projects, not having the support you need to do your job to the best of your ability, and having no real career progression or training, then you should apply for this role. I know it’s a blunt opener, but I can’t think of a witty way to say; ‘you’re being underappreciated and that should stop because you’re great. Here’s how.’

I’m recruiting for a company in Leicester and they need a Developer.

They’ll be good to you.

They have some great projects to get stuck into- both internal and external- because a few years ago some really great, forward-thinking people in their tiny ‘IT dept’ decided to champion tech to the board of Directors, and they got the go-ahead to put tech at the heart of the company, and it’s working; they are doing better than ever before.

They have done -and are continuing to make the lives of their non-IT colleagues better by improving the systems/ apps they use better. They are delivering new external applications to ameliorate the experience of their users.

They use the latest iterations of the tech they use- C#, .Net Core, Azure, Azure DevOps, CosmosDB, Azure AD, Docker, Kubernetes, Entity Framework, microservices, etc. and believe in doing things the *right* way, both in terms of technical best practice and methodologically, with things like Agile and DevOps processes.

They have implemented an Agile methodology and team structure; so whilst the team structure is quite flat because of that- lots of cross-collaboration between PMs, BAs, Devs, Test, etc. they are a relatively large company, and there are progression routes a-plenty, with training offered, too.

They have a number of technical teams, filled with people that love what they do, and are blinking great at it.

They are genuinely committed to being one of the best companies to work for in terms of their people, tech, projects, and beautiful office (with free parking and lots of treats in the kitchen).

If you would like to learn more about this role, give me a shout on the contact details provided, or if you’re fully bought in, apply now!

Welcome to the next step in your career.

Principal Software Developer – Core Assessment Engine

Role:  Principal Software Developer – Core Assessment Engine

Salary:  £70-80k plus benefits

Location: Birmingham office, flexible working hours and location. You can come into the office as much or as little as you like. The average, I would say, is 1 / month

Do you want to work in a company that is big enough to have well-established career paths, small enough to know that all your work makes a real, material difference, and prides itself on not only some of the best tech talent around but a culture to match?

If not, why not?!

I love recruiting for this company, and I’m sure you’ll love working there.

I am looking for a Principal Software Developer to join a team of 5 highly proficient, friendly people, consisting of; a team leader, 2 senior devs, mid-level dev, and a QA.

As an experienced and highly capable Software Developer, well-versed in modern software development best practice, cloud services, architecture, and high-quality solutions, this role will see you providing both hands-on software development yourself and technical leadership for the team you’re in, which looks after 6 software products, 2 of which are larger and more notable than the others.

You will be a democratic, force for good within the team; knowing when to take the initiative to instruct and when to listen and encourage those around you. You will make key decisions around a number of areas, including software architecture, technology choices and solution design, all with the knowledge in mind that achieving software excellence is a group activity, and all ideas are welcomed, from everyone. Successful outcomes are something to be shared and for everyone to be proud of and contribute to.

Tech-wise, you will be especially capable with the following; .NET Framework, MVC, Knockout.js, Azure DevOps, Azure, etc.

This role would be perfect for you if you’re the kind of person who has a very curious mindset, and someone who can’t help but want to improve an application/ feature/ bit of code that isn’t optimal!

They are starting the process of rejuvenating the applications you’re looking after to bring them in line with the rest of the bleeding-edge tech apps elsewhere in the company (written in .Net 6, Angular, Azure, TypeScript, etc) before they become legacy.

You will be taking the technical decisions to make this happen, so things like ‘which TypeScript framework would work best for what we’re trying to achieve?’ and ‘Which is the best tool for the job here?’ are what you will think about and take action on.

You will have no direct reports but will be a hands-on, Senior member of the team, supporting and working closely alongside the Team Leader.

If this sounds like a great time to you, apply now, or if you want to ask some questions to learn more, drop me a line and let’s talk!

Lead QA Engineer

Role: Lead QA Engineer (Automation focus)

Location: 1 day a week in Nottingham HQ

Salary: Up to £65 – £85k per annum

Are you a Lead QA or potentially a Head of QA at a small SaaS organisation? Or potentially maybe even a senior QA engineer who’s taken on loads more responsibility recently and is ready to take the next step up officially not just a pat on the back? Is C# your language of choice? Can you use Selenium/SpecFlow with your eyes closed? Is creating frameworks from scratch a breeze? Now we’re talking.

Sector – SaaS for the utility sector

Angle – Based in C# with JavaScript for web stuff and SQL for data stuff and they need someone to ensure the team is facilitated to deliver on all projects whilst being hands-on yourself.

Benefits – I’m feeling a bit jealous (33 days holiday + bank holidays, 5% pension with salary sacrifice options for more, buy and sell options for holiday, flexible working, £26 home working allowance, death in service 3x basic salary, includes 50% of gym membership with Virgin, discounted apple watches, free weekly coffee from Nero, free bimonthly cinema tickets, free online video with Rakuten, discounted train and local commuting tickets if you decide to go into Nottingham office.

You’ll be working with a company in the energy sector to ensure the testers have proper oversight over the end-to-end development cycle working cross-functionally. If there are successful processes, tools, or team management techniques you can bring to the table, they are open to this. Further instilling best practices is the key for them.

If this sounds a bit like yourself, hit apply and I look forward to speaking!

GreenTech Fullstack Developer

GreenTech Fullstack (or potentially frontend) DeveloperLocation: Cambridge, hybrid – 2 days per MONTH on-siteSalary:  Up to £38K (+12% pension, healthcare and more)

Biodiversity is a buzzword right now. The destruction of nature and loss of biodiversity is amplifying other crises.

Governments are scrambling to measure and value nature, and how their infrastructure or economic plans impact our wild spaces, health and environment, questioning whether a diverse forest is more commercially or socially valuable than an oil rig, palm-oil plantation or regenerative farm?

How do you even track that?

This organisation build tools and offer services and support to conservation partners, private companies and governments around the world to integrate nature into all that they do.

You’ll work proactively with technologies such as Javascript and VueJs, some Ruby on Rails and Python on the backend, along with lots of SQL as they manage various critical databases, to leverage insights and empower all kinds of people, from scientists to policy and lawmakers.

You’ll have one of the most supportive and engaged senior management teams we’ve seen, along with access to a variety of support for learning, from paying for textbooks or conference tickets to getting you onto that course you’ve been tempted to buy.

The work you do here will accelerate the positive impacts and solutions available to improve our environment by generating buy-in across stakeholder groups of all levels, showing the real-world benefits of enhancing and protecting biodiversity.

A lot of these benefits are tangible economic and social wins that in the longer term will reduce our dependency on problematic resources such as fossil fuels.

Their tech stack is predominantly Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Python and MySQL, with some other bits sprinkled in and use of all cloud platforms based on what their partners use.

They have so many areas to add value, they need someone driven who can be decisive in wanting to find ways to add value.

You’ll work with scientists and researchers to design, build and implement tools. You might run workshops or training to help them with the tools they’ve built for themselves. The people here are exceptionally passionate so will chart their own path where possible. You’ll be able to do the same and support others in their endeavours.

So, if you’re serious about saving our planet and turning the tide against the fight to fix our climate crisis, this is definitely a role you should apply for.

What are you waiting for?

GreenTech GIS Developer

GreenTech GIS Developer – PostGIS and Python

Location: Cambridge, flexible – quarterly office visits, maybe fully remote.

Salary: Up to £44K (+12% pension, life insurance and more)

Biodiversity is taking a beating at the hands of human activity.

There are lots of ways technology can be utilised to help, rather than hinder, nature and our environment to prevent mass extinctions and nature loss.

This organisation works with governments, institutes, companies and orgs globally to build and implement solutions that improve outcomes.

The key focus of this role will be building and optimising biodiversity informatics products. In-house teams use some, others are built and maintained on behalf of conservation partners that are based around the world – some large and some very small, with varied specialisms and focuses.

Governments are scrambling to understand how valuable biodiversity is and how it intersects with their economic plans, questioning whether a diverse forest is more commercially or socially valuable than an oil rig or palm oil plantation. How do you even measure that?

The aim [of the organisation] is to be proactive in creating software and services that others can use and feed into to deliver on their goals and support nature-positive decision-making.

That means being more proactive in delivering software, geospatial mapping tools, websites, and mobile apps and coaching or supporting their junior team members to avoid technical debt and reach go-live for various projects on time, enabling people to make the change that’s needed.

Technically the skills needed for this role are PostGIS, PostgreSQL and Python. Skills and tech that are beneficial to have touched on are Javascript with VueJS, Ruby on Rails, MS Azure and anything data and automation-related, but GIS is the priority here.

You’ll support the development and data teams on various projects too as so much of the work here incorporates or integrates GIS and mapping features. Some projects you’ll own and build out, and others you’ll review and contribute to.

You’ll be able to get involved in some more complex tasks like discussions on architecture and tooling, estimations for projects, resource management, and assigning tasks within your team.

They’ll support you in your development, too. It’s not just about what you can give, they’ll ask what you need to progress too. Whether that’s paying for courses, textbooks, or conference tickets – if you think of it, they’ll consider it, genuinely.

You’ll work with scientists and researchers and all kinds of interesting stakeholders to design, build and implement tools. The people here are exceptionally passionate so they will chart their own path where possible. You’ll facilitate some of that and be able to do the same.

If you’re serious about saving our planet this is definitely a role you should apply for.

What are you waiting for?

GreenTech Data Engineer – Earth Observation

GreenTech Data Engineer – Earth Observation

Key Skills: Satellite imagery processing, remote sensing, earth observation exp.
Location: Fully remote within Europe, +/- 2 hours of CET.
Salary: €55K – €80K + 13% vacation supplement + equity & benefits.

Vegetation management may not sound all that exciting but building earth observation software to integrate satellite imagery, geospatial analysis and Machine Learning with data coming in from teams, remote sensors and other hardware on the ground certainly does! 

Currently, these systems and tools are used to efficiently manage resources and team activities, saving time and money in a number of industries. But the company are doing heavy R&D to offer further climate solutions.

Their existing offering saves homes, businesses and critical services from blackouts caused by seasonal and extreme weather events. It’s a game changer improving energy and climate resilience.

The company have grown rapidly since the end of 2021. There are 60 people now, with around 30 of those in development and data science, including product, UI/UX, delivery etc.

This role will focus on scaling up their data processing capabilities across their cloud-based platform and services. As the company and capabilities grow, so are its customers and list of requirements, you’ll enable them to take on greater volumes of work and be a big part of the data platform team moving forward.

You’ll focus on ensuring good practice, design and implementation are followed as they scale and optimise their data / ETL pipelines, optimise the processing of satellite imagery and geospatial datasets and build systems that download, store and analyse it all. This will also include supporting teams implementing machine learning and data models, so it’s all quite exciting stuff.

Commercial remote sensing OR satellite image processing experience, AND having ~3+ years exp with Python are a must. They’re keen to speak with people who’ve worked at start-ups or small companies where close customer relationships and interaction are/were the norm. 

Predominantly they use Python, but they also work pretty heavily with GIS technologies and tools. Familiarity with the Pangeo stack; JupyterHub, Dask, and XArray within cloud systems will stand out but they also use PyTorth, Tensorflow, QGIS and more, so experience with similar frameworks or libraries will be transferrable.

Ultimately, if you’ve worked with geospatial and satellite data in a backend developer or data engineer capacity, and have a sincere interest in tackling the climate crisis, it’s worth having a chat.

Jupyter Hub and Notebooks, Python, GIS and remote sensing technologies or tools, along with satellite imagery are clearly the keys to hitting the ground running here, but they are open-minded if you’ve touched on some but not all of those. Meet 60% of the above? Give it a try, there are plenty of roles in this space to explore aside from this one specifically – so bear that in mind!

The team are friendly, passionate and diverse. The company are supportive with good benefits including equity, so you’ve bought into any future success.

What are you waiting for? 

GreenTech Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

GreenTech Senior Ruby on Rails Developer – Remote
Salary: £70,000  £85,000 + Benefits & Equity
Location: Fully remote (UK based)

How would you like to be part of the team that leads in cutting 8% of global emissions, while also tackling food poverty?

Leading more sustainable lives isn’t hard but changing behaviours can be.

We’re working with a company enabling the redistribution of food that would otherwise go to waste and they’re already a global success with a web and mobile app live in 150 countries.

They’ve always been remote and do a lot to ensure their teams are not just succeeding but are genuinely happy, avoiding burnout and creating a super friendly and collaborative culture. Everyone is passionate about addressing social and environmental issues, compassionate and bought into taking action.

You’ll be working within a team of around 12 people, part of a broader tech team of about 30, where every person contributes their own ideas. Pair programming and knowledge sharing are common and shared goals for the platform centre around impact.

The business has been defining its progress frameworks, so you’ll know how to advance your career and grow.

Their web platform is built with Ruby on Rails and React, with AWS hosting everything. Over the last few years, they’ve moved from a monolith to a microservice-based platform and are looking for someone to add new features, improve efficiency and scale up to anticipate many millions of users.

It’d be ideal if you’ve worked in a company where multiple teams contribute to a single product or service. Someone who’s seen the evolution of a product from MVP to a scalable app with, ideally, millions of users or growing complexity.

In a senior capacity, you’ll also help others to grow through code reviews and coaching where you can, catching mistakes, helping people avoid them in future and introducing processes if necessary.

They have high standards when it comes to testing and have QA Engineers embedded into their teams, coaching and supporting devs to improve their capabilities and testing knowledge.

Critically though, you need to have a passion for tackling the climate crisis. They want people who have a good awareness of the scale of the problem and the urgency with which we must act to overcome the challenges ahead.

What’s in it for you? Well, the list is too long to fit in here. Alongside a great salary, true flexibility to work how you like, abroad for 6 months, timings that fit around your life, no clock-watching and real progression, you’ll be joining a company that is already changing the world and has its eyes set firmly on scaling its impact.

If this sounds appealing to you and you have some commercial experience with React, please hit apply and let’s have a chat.

Lead PHP Engineer

Role: Lead PHP Engineer

Salary:  up to 60k

Location: Hybrid (4 days a week in the Nottingham office)

Are you tired of just plugging along in your current role? Are you fed up with working on legacy applications and being unable to get your teeth into some juicy, actual work? If so, continue reading as this may just be the right role for you!

This company are looking for a Lead PHP developer who has experience mentoring a team. They’re a sociable bunch who love working and socialising together, whether outside of work or around the office pool table.

  • Working with this forward-thinking business, you will not only have the opportunity to get hands-on with the code but you will also be involved in the progression of the company and look at how they can move the product forward and have a say on which tech they use.

You’ll definitely have a voice at this company – they want your ideas!

The experience they are looking for:

  • PHP  (with Laravel)
  • Javascript (ideally Vue)
  • Bootstrap, HTML and CSS

As well as offering a great workspace, they offer some pretty cool benefits.  They contribute 8% to your pension before you even make a single contribution. On top of all this, they offer a bonus based on quarterly incentives.

Oh, did I also mention a 4 pm finish on Fridays??

If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, please get in touch!

GreenTech DevOps Engineer

Green Tech Junior DevOps Engineer

Location: Cambridge, flexible – quarterly office visits, maybe fully remote.

Salary: £30K – £38K (+12% pension, healthcare and more)

Biodiversity is a buzzword right now.

The tide is turning in terms of policy, public attention and commitment but most importantly, in terms of funding. The 30 by 30 target and commitments coming out of BioCOP15 are leading to real growth in our capability to protect, repair and enhance nature.

This role will sit within a team of ~30 techies, UIUX designers, product and project managers, developers, architects and more who deliver tools and technologies for the future of nature conservation.

Building roads, mines, railways and other infrastructure will always impact biodiversity and for the most part, the UK has high standards here.

That’s not the case for every country in the world.

Governments are scrambling to understand how valuable nature is and how their infrastructure and economic plans impact our planet. Questioning whether a forest is more commercially or socially valuable than an oil rig or palm oil plantation? How do you even track that?

Cue this organisation, the only one of their kind in the world. They build tools and offer services and support to conservation partners, companies and governments worldwide to better plan for enhancing and protecting nature.

Tech-wise, there’s lots to play with; Ruby on Rails, Javascript and Python, along with lots of SQL, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, GIS systems and more as they manage critical databases to leverage insights to support all kinds of conservation projects.

You’ll be managing and supporting their web services and tools, monitoring infrastructure using things like Nagios or ELK stack, and managing databases using PostgreSQL in particular. Any experience automating and using Terraform, Ansible or similar tools and deploying software, using CICD pipelines is great and experience in testing and TDD is always beneficial!

They’re happy to let your passions lead in what you learn and how you progress, DevOps incorporates lots of skillsets, and whether DevOps is your dream or whether your goals change in future you’ll be well supported as you progress.

You’ll use both AWS and Azure and help partners integrate their data into the software you build, you might build a climate risk assessment tool and then hand that over to a partner for further development. Or you could be writing scripts to automate reporting to scientific or policy teams. Or you may need to patch a fix temporarily while a dedicated team work on a long-term solution.

Your work here will accelerate the positive impacts and solutions available to wider organisations benefiting our environment. A lot of these benefits are tangible economic and social wins that in the longer term will reduce our dependency on problematic resources such as fossil fuels.

So, if you’re serious about saving our planet and turning the tide against the fight to fix our climate crisis, this is definitely a role you should apply for.

What are you waiting for?

Lead Embedded Software Engineer

Role:  Lead Embedded Software Engineer

Salary:  £60k to £70k per annum (there is wiggle room for the right candidate)

Location:  Hybrid working – 2-3 days a week in Nottingham.

Benefits – 25 days holiday, ability to buy or sell up to 5 days, company bonus, assistance program.

Are you looking for a role where you will be valued and able to put your own stamp on things? If so, this is a brand-new role where you will be able to make the role your own.

They are a friendly bunch who are all dedicated to driving the business forward (they are growing rapidly). You will be joining a team of individuals who love working together and doing things outside of work together too.  And no, we don’t mean just going to the pub! They all seem to have a crazy passion for playing with Lego for one, so if you love Lego too, you’ll be in great company!

No single day will be the same, as you are working with a variety of customers and challenges.  This is a customer focussed role, so if you prefer not to speak to customers this won’t be the role for you.

As they are a consultancy, you will gain a lot of experience and exposure to a variety of domains and projects and work alongside some big names in the industry. They are looking for an experienced lead engineer who can take initiative and guide other less senior engineers to success.

The experience they are looking for:

  • Embedded C
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor
  • Embedded software system – ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-A etc
  • Low-level programming

If this sounds up your street please get in touch for a guaranteed personal reply, or call us to find out more.

Software Development Manager

Data Engineering / Software Development Manager

Location: Remote – with occasional (once a month or so) travel into Warwickshire (your team is mainly UK remote).

Salary: £60 – £75k + 10% bonus, pension and healthcare


This company are sitting on a goldmine of data. Their customers are going crazy for it, and though they’ve been around for years, the international opportunity for their services is growing and, in many cases, completely untapped.

They have ambitious plans to offer their services to new markets and territories as well as develop new data-focused products.

They already have a very talented software engineering team, but you’ll be the person the developers look to for leadership. The one who, when a deadline needs to be hit, come into your own, leading the team, ensuring they have everything they need and that they enjoy the right balance of accountability and freedom to do what they do best.

In addition to managing the team, you will be responsible for delivering software projects, technical architecture, security and the ongoing integration of new technology and tooling.

You will join one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, but also one with a ‘green’ soul who is doing good in the world and helping us all towards a more sustainable future.

You’ll have a strong Cloud / Data-Engineering background using the Microsoft stack. You’ll appreciate Agile/DevOps best practices (inc. industry standard CI/CD tools), with experience in delivering systems built on MS Azure, along with an appreciation of containerisation using Docker and Kubernetes.

You may be working as a team leader, looking to take that first step into management, or are already a Data Engineering / Software Development Manager wanting to work somewhere more ambitious (the projects they have lined up might make you drool…if you’re into growth!).

Although not a huge company, they pack a punch for their size, investing in leading technologies (such as Mulesoft) and ensuring their developers have the best tools and kits to deliver amazing outcomes.

You’ll like a role where there’ll be pressure to get things done, but also lots of autonomy, where work-life balance is a real thing and where your boss is a great human being, and someone who will always look out for you.

You’ll be free to work from home with occasional (once a month or so) travel into Warwickshire (your team is mainly UK remote).

On offer is a salary of up to £60 – £75k + 10% bonus, pension and healthcare. And they will look after you once you join – people stick around here!

This is an exclusive role to Rebel, so please apply safely in the knowledge you will get a guaranteed, personal reply. Alternatively, google us and give us a call (ask for Jules!)

Director of Software Engineering

Director / Head of Software Engineering

Location:   Remote, with travel into the West Midlands / Warwickshire a couple of times a month or so on average.

Salary:  Up to £90k + 20% bonus, pension and healthcare as well as other perks.


One of the UK’s most successful sustainability companies has asked us to help them find a standout Director of Software Engineering as they go through a period of change and gear up for international expansion.

The company are flying high right now, having grown continually over the past decade and now looking at further growth globally into new territories whilst developing new products and services within the sustainability sector.

They have a longstanding team of software engineers, product managers and industry consultants, but having been integrated into a larger group a few years ago, the leadership of the software engineering function has fluctuated as people have moved upwards and onwards.

The company are now ready to hire two dedicated roles –  a Director / Head of Software Engineering (this role) and also a Software Delivery Manager (who will work with you, directly line managing the dev team).

In this Head of Software Engineering role you’ll work with the senior group leadership team, internal product managers and the wider business to grow and maintain the technology that underpins their core services.

They are determined to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and you’ll be leading the teams in building their flexible, scalable, modern platforms.

The role requires a senior software engineering leader who is no longer hands-on but is able to command respect and authority through their insight and track record.  You’ll be supported by a technical software development manager who will manage the engineering team on a day-to-day basis, but you’ll be responsible for engaging suppliers, determining resources, managing budgets and working with the senior leadership team to tie business objectives to technology outcomes.

You’ll have worked in a similar mid-sized (200 person +) company and will have managed the development of high volume/availability data and software platforms, preferably based on the Microsoft stack (.NET, Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM etc.).

As an experienced senior manager, you’ll be used to being the voice of software engineering within the business, ensuring cultural, technical and structural alignment.  You’ll be a leader who inspires and brings the best out of your team whilst being able to manage ongoing commercial, security, regulatory and quality/compliance considerations.

The business is known to be somewhere that takes care of its people and gives them a chance to show what they can do and to progress.  They want to build on this culture of low attrition and progression by hiring you, someone who is able to combine building engineering cultures that people love working within whilst still being absolutely determined to hit deadlines and business objectives.

The role will be full-on and challenging, but you’ll be supported by forward-thinking peers and you will have people to lean on whilst you settle in.

The role will be largely based from home with travel into the West Midlands / Warwickshire a couple of times a month or so on average.

On offer is a base salary of up to £90k + 20% bonus, pension and healthcare as well as other perks.

If the role could be of interest please apply for a guaranteed personal reply or call us (Google Rebel Recruiters for the number!) and ask for Mica :)

GreenTech Lead Developer

GreenTech Lead Developer – ReactJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, CICD
Location: Fully remote – UK, Kenya (Nairobi), Senegal or Belgium.

Salary: £55K (+12% pension, private healthcare and more)

Are you a senior or lead developer that has the frontend of applications for breakfast and the backend for dinner, but who also enjoys integration that go smack in the middle as a lunchtime snack?

Maybe you have a particular passion for building and implementing bespoke data driven software, while your ABSOLUTE GREATEST desire would be to contribute to our world’s biodiversity protection – picture a knight riding a geospatial horse.

There is a web platform which you’ll take ownership of, enhancing it with new features and scaling up as new partner organisations come onboard. Your efforts will be the principal focus of the organisation: a global database where geospatial and species data is exchanged, all in the name of conservation.

Here is where that desire to contribute to our planet’s wellbeing in a meaningful way comes in, as there is a great need to expand this platform.

This might involve some DevOps and work with cloud systems, contributing to architecture and design of the platform moving forward and leading Agile ceremonies, some resource management, coaching a fullstack developer and assigning tasks, delivery estimations etc.

Knowledge of NodeJS, ReactJS and SQL – in all its forms – will be your trusted companions, while experience with containers, automation, CI/CD pipelines and cloud computing will serve you well.

This platform will be a key development aspect for this global organisation and hundreds of their partners over the next 5 years. This will allow for great learning opportunities with support in training both formal and informal.

Alongside your tech savvy knightly charm, you will ideally be comfy sitting in occasional meetings. You’ll sit on a steering committee once for month for ~1 hour, support colleagues who attend conferences / events so they can help fundraise or find new partners or users to integrate with and advocate for the work you’re contributing to.

So if you fancy yourself as a lady knight, a non-gender specific knight or any kind of other knight in leafy or perhaps scaly armour, please apply, call, or email us to find out more and for a guaranteed, personal reply!