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7th April 2020
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Remote Onboarding: 7 Tips for Success

7th April 2020

For the foreseeable future, you can park any ideas you had of welcoming your new starter with open arms, showering them with company-branded swag and generally making them feel like a superstar for the first few days in the office.

For many business owners and managers, this represents a real problem.  Companies who have spent years inducting their staff the same way are now having to make a tough choice; to pause recruitment until such time when they can safely return to their offices, or to take a risk and remotely onboard scheduled starters and to perhaps also make the bold choice to continue recruiting, even if they can’t test the strength of a handshake in person.

As a result, I’ve put together a guide on how to onboard staff remotely.

These are my 7 TOP TIPS on how to blissfully yet effectively welcome your new team player.

You can download the FREE guide here: Onboarding New Staff Remotely a FREE PDF Guide Download

Or preview the guide right here:

Good Luck!


Stay Rebellious – Azar

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