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25th April 2023
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It’s Safe to Say Remote Working is Here to Stay, but How Has It Impacted Software Developer Recruitment?

25th April 2023

Remote working has skyrocketed in the last couple of years and has brought a whole host of benefits to people’s lives with better work-life balance and all the £££ saved on commuting. But, has remote working had the positive impact on software developer recruitment we had hoped for?


The obvious benefit that every optimistic recruiter and talent acquisition specialist referenced when remote working became the norm was the increased talent pools we’d have access to. As a recruiter in a niche market, the ability to access more candidates felt like my job was going to become easier than ever. The stark reality is quite the opposite!

All developers will agree with me when I say LinkedIn has become a minefield to navigate with the constant bombardment of jobs being fired into your inbox. No matter how much effort a recruiter puts into personalising a message about an amazing job opportunity, the chances these days are that it won’t even be read.

Having a constant flow of job opportunities may sound great for developers but it isn’t without its perils. Firstly, who has time to read them all?! Secondly, such an onslaught of opportunities offering higher salaries or better benefits will have you in a constant state of comparison. Not knowing how green your grass actually is, isn’t exactly healthy!


Remote working also has a clear impact on salaries, your opinion on which will depend on whether you are paying them or receiving them.

It’s easier than ever for developers in the Midlands to access remote London roles, and why wouldn’t you if they pay London salaries? The impact this is having on recruitment locally is profound. Every Developer who takes a remote London job is shrinking the local talent pool, increasing demand, and squeezing employers on salaries.

Having to pay a few extra £000’s to hire a business-critical role sounds like an easy choice to make. However, businesses with larger development teams will really feel the hit when they need to make such an increase across the team to ensure fair pay.


Gone are the days you need to book a half day for a “doctor’s appointment” to sneak out to an interview. Video interview platforms have made interviews easier to arrange and attend which is helping to decrease the time to hire. However, being so easy to attend has increased the number of interviews candidates will take, decreasing the chances they will accept your job.


One word, Developers! They get access to more jobs, with better pay, and it’s easier than ever to move if they aren’t happy in their current role. This leaves companies on the losing side, paying higher salaries and working a lot harder to attract new talent.

However, there are some companies that are doing well, despite the effects remote working has had on talent attraction and retention.

These companies are not necessarily paying the most, but they are building working cultures that developers will find it hard to leave.  Most developers don’t just work for the highest salary possible.  They want to learn; they want their voices heard.  They want to work with people they can learn loads from, and with a company that gives them interesting work, in addition to flexibility and a decent salary of course.

If you’re struggling to attract developers, then it’s tempting to feel sorry for yourself and blame the market conditions.  However, working with a specialist recruitment partner who can offer you genuine support rather than just finding CVs is more valuable than ever.

The insight we can offer on the market and our deep-rooted connections will give you much better access to the talent you need – they’re all out there, even though they’re not always looking to be found!  (We find ways ????).

Written by Alex Lawson – .NET Recruiter.

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