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30th March 2020
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Fridge Not Friend!

30th March 2020

Guys, admit it. Your office bestie is now rather large, possibly grey has an icy cold heart, but a loveable exterior and is also your fridge. Heck, you’ve even named it Sammy aka Sammy Samsung and discuss the options of whether the kids jelly will go nicely with that chilli cheese you’ve got left. You may even argue with them over whether eating ice-lollies in marginally sub-zero temperatures is a thing (bring back the office heating!) But most of all, you love that warm glow when they open up, casting a halo of light over you, just long enough for all to seem right with the world as you reach for yet another chunk of cheese.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about that not so subtle relationship that you’ve made with the fridge since Coronavirus has forced you to work from home and abandon your actual human work besties… I’m talking about, that ridiculously unhealthy habit you’ve now developed that means you have to take a sneak peek in the fridge every single time you walk past – or even worse… you’ve developed excuses to go and see your new bestie.

So it’s the question on everyone’s lips right now (ok, so maybe not like THE question, but it’s twitter trending so I’m guessing it’s pretty damn important)

“how do I not sit and snack all day when working from home?”

Fret not my friends, as a #WFH Veteran, I’ve got you! Here are my top tips:

1. DO NOT NAME YOUR FRIDGE – I repeat – do not name your appliances. Straight off the bat you will develop a bond like no other and cry when it’s time to replace Winston Washer.

2. Short of avoiding the fridge/cupboards/kitchen at all costs, you’re going to need to exercise some self-restraint. If previously you couldn’t go longer than 10mins before wandering over to see your fridge bestie, set timers. Or even better, set a number of actions you have to complete before going – you could just find yourself being super productive just so you can nurture your newfound relationship.

3. Don’t work in the kitchen. This is a no brainer. Let’s face it, if you’re going to work in the kitchen, chances are you’re going eat everything bar the sink on a regular basis. You’ll justify it in some weird and wonderful ways, but justify you will. I suggest you put a lock on the fridge door… or work in the bathroom… which could, actually, also be super-efficient!

4. And, this is probably the best one. RATIONS. Each day, I allocate my snack allowance for the ENTIRE day into several sandwich bags, do I feel like a toddler? Hell, yeah I do! But because I already have my snacks laid out, (and they could even be fancy pants vegan bars instead of animal crackers if you want to feel grown-up), it keeps my cravings at bay and I’m less likely to go say hey to Sammy…aka The Fridge

5. Finally, change your route or location. If you can’t go for a wee without passing your fridge bestie, you’re not going to make it my friend. That fridge is going to open and close more times than you hear the word “unprecedented” on the telly.

So that’s all my tips, light-hearted as they may be, it is important to have some kind of social interaction. Try to encourage your fellow work colleagues to host a zoom/google hangouts video chat and leave it running in the background (Check out my original guide to #WFH here: )… it’s not nice being totally on your own, and your fridge may just end up being your bestie, but in times when we all need to pull together, try not to get too closed off. As a closet introvert, I know only too well how easy that is.

Anyways, stay safe. Be kind and Pay it Forward whenever you can.

JJ overandout

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