Hannah Sanchez, Senior Test Engineer Since 2019


I get to work with some amazing, bubbly, and interesting people. People are a key focus at ENSEK, and you can see that with the people you work and interact with on a daily basis.  I do miss the pre-pandemic office interactions, I miss seeing everyone’s smiling faces, seeing people in the kitchen when I grab a coffee, seeing my team face to face, and the office banter!

But we do a lot more over Teams, and the technology we have has adapted to our new way of working. We have an Engagement Committee who provides regular treats when we’re in the office, and we’ve still been getting these delivered to us at home at different points throughout lockdown.  It’s also great that we’ve been able to keep the social element of ENSEK alive through team digital socials.

Someone who has an inquisitive nature and thinks outside the box. Also, not being afraid to speak up when something isn’t right, and having the customer at heart would make a great Tester at ENSEK!