The soft­ware plat­form that pow­ers the worlds lead­ing ener­gy suppliers.

It can sometimes feel like the energy industry is more complicated than the fabric of spacetime itself.
It isn’t.

They believe the existing industry is complex. It stifles change and prevents good things from happening.
ENSEK is changing this.

Here’s an in-depth look at ENSEK and what they’re all about.  We’re sure you’re going to be well impressed!

Just take a look!

What’s the Deal?

Rebel is working exclusively with ENSEK to recruit across their Engineering Department. While we support them during this growth period they get to focus on what they do best!

Inside ENSEK’s Company Culture

  • My role can be quite intense at times and I am always busy, which I enjoy. The ability to provide our clients with a platform that not only works but works well, is very rewarding. Working for ENSEK is a pleasure, the support you are given from day one is amazing.  There is a lot to learn if you do not come from the energy market, but everyone will always make time to help you with questions.With the implementation of the career progression framework, the progression paths are very clear. Within the framework, there are certain paths you are able to take, regardless of your current role. The framework also provides you with areas in which you may need to improve. There are also regular one-to-ones with your line manager, where they see how you are getting on with your objectives and provide any assistance - be it from themselves or from other colleagues. ENSEK will also provide opportunities for training, either internally or externally through various courses to enable you to reach your goals. Haydn Greenfield, Senior Test Engineer Since 2019

  • I get to work with some amazing, bubbly, and interesting people. People are a key focus at ENSEK, and you can see that with the people you work and interact with on a daily basis.  I do miss the pre-pandemic office interactions, I miss seeing everyone’s smiling faces, seeing people in the kitchen when I grab a coffee, seeing my team face to face, and the office banter!But we do a lot more over Teams, and the technology we have has adapted to our new way of working. We have an Engagement Committee who provides regular treats when we’re in the office, and we’ve still been getting these delivered to us at home at different points throughout lockdown.  It’s also great that we’ve been able to keep the social element of ENSEK alive through team digital socials.Someone who has an inquisitive nature and thinks outside the box. Also, not being afraid to speak up when something isn’t right, and having the customer at heart would make a great Tester at ENSEK! Hannah Sanchez, Senior Test Engineer Since 2019

  • After facing redundancy, I was looking for a new role that would leave me room to grow, at a company that was really going places but still holding onto that community feel. I felt that the minute I toured the office and fell in love with ENSEK.  I’ve worked with different teams on various areas of ENSEK’s Ignition Platform and other parts of the product, and it’s been a really great learning experience.I’d definitely say the best part is the people, and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. We’ve got an outstanding team here at ENSEK. I’m fortunate to spend my days working with a fantastic mix of developers, testers, business analysts, product owners, product managers… they really make it not feel like work! Mark Pastuszka, Software Engineer Since 2019

ENSEK’s Values

Game Changers

Find A Way

Evolve Sustainably


    There are currently no vacancies.


Current commitments for this to be revamped this year / 2022!


   |  5% contribution from ENSEK

   |  Salary sacrifice option

   |  33 days including bank holidays 

   |  Option to buy and sell 5 days 

   |  Extra day for your birthday

   |  37.5 hours per week

   |  We can stagger start times or consider part-time

   |  If we can flex, then we will



  |  Covers you as the employee

   |  Includes 50% of gym membership with Virgin & Discounted Apple watches

   |  Free weekly coffee with Café Nero

   |  Free bimonthly cinema tickets with Cineworld & free online video with Rakuten + More

   |  An Academy system for progression

   |  Dedicated resources for your Learning & Development

   |  A smooth transition from onboarding to training

|  AWS training and certifications paid for at any level

|  A budget for training that we are willing to use for anything

|  When you first join, you will be assigned a buddy to support you during your initial weeks/months


   |  With Nottingham City Transport – Buses and Tram

   |  East Midlands Railway

The ENSEK rebels

Yas Mahtab

Yas Mahtab


Relationship builder. Red Bull for blood. Quadruple-daddy. Plays Dungeons and Dragons. Brings game-changing energy when others droop.

Jamal Sajid

Jamal Sajid


The physical embodiment of the Duracell Bunny. Makes potentially dire situations quite funny. Has 3 monitors, but only looks at 1.

Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan


In his element when the going gets tough. Possesses relationship-building skills that will make your BFF jealous.