We get it, we really do! We know that job hunting and attending interviews are amongst some of the most stressful things you will ever do. That’s why we are more than confident in our candidate-centric approach that will enable us to find you the perfect role while we take excellent care of you every step of the way.

At Rebel we focus on building an open, collaborative team structure of recruiting rockstars. We focus on building a deep-rooted relationship with all our candidates to make sure we stick to our promise of a better understanding of your needs and goals.

The Rebel collective have a wide-ranging mix of skills and experiences. Couple this with our fantastic sector knowledge and people-first ethos and your job hunt needs are in good hands!


“Much more personal…They were friendly and helpful, rather than sending me out for 3 or 4 jobs we targeted the one I wanted and I’m here now.”

Sharif Owadally,
Business Analyst

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  • "I was thrown into the black hole of redundancy not knowing what to do with myself. Yas found me via Mica and dragged me back to the place where I should be. A key skill of Yas's is knowing what people look for in a tester and matches those keys skills perfectly to a candidate. With this, he helped guide me through various interviews until we found the right position for me. I can't thank Yas, his knowledge or team enough for all their help and can't recommend them enough!"Chris, Software Tester Candidate9

  • "Alka is very humble and a kind person to speak with. She is a very positive person and always pushes to bring the best out of you and to be enthusiastic for the interview. She was very quick to respond and helpful to me throughout my interview process with different companies and also helped me secure a job online with my skill sets and aspirations. Thank you Alka for your help - I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a job."Ishita, Java Software Developer Candidate5

  • "Azar and the Rebel Recruitment team are exceptional recruiters. He is very knowledgeable and took great interest in my experience, personality and most importantly my expectations for the new role. Truly one of a kind in this field. If you are passionate about what you do and looking for new opportunities, he is the guy to go to."Audrius, API Developer Candidate8

  • "An excellent recruiter combined with a great personality with a passion for her job ensuring that I was the right fit for the role. Natasha was great throughout the whole recruitment phase. She was easy to talk to and took her time to make me feel comfortable and prepared throughout the interview stages."Judah, Customer Success Manager Candidate2